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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising How to Complete the 31st Quest

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising How to Complete the 31st Main Quest

The Final Battle

After defeating Hurstwine and completing the 30th Main Quest head right to find the Sigil.

Once you get to the Sigil you will see Daksa and it looks like he is performing some sort of ritual.

You must battle Daksa (No-longer Daksa).

No-longer Daksa will fly around and cast lightning bolts around the Sigil to attack you.

After you defeat No-longer Daksa his body will transform into the Giant Sorcerer.

You must defeat the Giant Sorcerer to complete the 31st Main Quest – The Final Battle.

The Giant Sorcerer will spawn zombies, shoot ice spikes, and also fire dark energy balls at you. He is only weak when you can see his body poking out of the large dark energy ball in the middle. That is the spot you need to attack. 

When he is not showing he will block attacks so you need to take that time to defeat the zombies and dodge his other attacks.

Reward: Critical Mastery, Impossible Luck

Achievement Unlocked: The Treasure I’ve Found

After you finish this quest a new Hard Mode will be unlocked and it will allow you to keep doing side quests and filling your Stamp Card.

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