Palworld Xbox Crashing Tips

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I’ve been playing Palworld on the Xbox Series X since the launch of the game. I would say I have had the game crash twice so far. And that happened the Saturday after the game launched and I haven’t had an issue since.

Now I occasionally run into issues where I clip through the map and have to “swim” back or just die and respawn. But for an early access game, I have learned to accept these issues.  As soon as you start up the game this is what you are greeted with:

Palworld is in early access so crashing can happen.

Beta Early Access Message.
Palworld Beta Early Access Message

What that means is they are very upfront about this. The game will have crashes. The game will have bugs. Your worlds will get wiped, saved data may not sync, and other issues could happen. 

It sucks. It’s frustrating. And I’m sure a lot of people have given up on the game because of this.

With that being said I have seen a lot of helpful tips on how to work around the issues that you are having. Let’s address a lot of the Palworld Xbox issues and I will give some tips that I have seen work to help you combat these.

Issues I have seen so far:

  • The game crashes when entering dungeons
  • The game crashes when entering towers to fight bosses
  • World save fails
  • The game continuously crashes after hours of no issues.
  • Falling through the map constantly

Potential fixes for Palworld crashing on your Xbox

Upgrade your Xbox

I know this will probably upset a lot of people. Times are tough and shelling out 400-500 dollars on a new console isn’t an option. But it’s cheaper than spending 800-1000 dollars on a new PC to play the game. The old Xbox One consoles are obsolete. Microsoft has pretty much said as much and they want you to upgrade.

You might be safe getting a Series S but I would recommend going to a Series X to safeguard from future updates and optimization problems.

Play on Cloud Gaming

If you have GamePass you can delete the game and stream it with Cloud Gaming. From what has been explained when you stream a game through Cloud Gaming you are playing on a dedicated Series X (or hardware that mimics it). I have read a lot of comments and posts that have stated this was the cheapest and easiest fix.

I will say this helped me when PocketPair had crashing issues with their other GamePass game Craftopia. It was unplayable on Xbox One or Xbox One S but through cloud gaming, it worked perfectly.

Adjust your settings

When you select the world to start playing you can edit the settings. If you choose the custom settings you can change things like how much damage you do or how quickly you recover health. But you can also change some settings that can help with performance.

Here are some settings that might help your performance:

Adjust the number of Pal Appearance rate to help with Xbox crashing
Adjust the number of Pal Appearance rate to help with Xbox crashing
Adjust the number of Dropped Items in a World to help with Xbox crashing
Adjust the number of Dropped Items in a World to help with Xbox crashing

Exit the game and restart your Xbox

A lot of people have noticed that the longer they play the more issues they have. It is widely believed that the crashes are caused by a memory leak. People on PC are reporting the same issues so it is very possible that this small shop doesn’t have the memory optimized.

If this is the case then exit the game completely, and hard restart your Xbox. Don’t just let it go into sleep mode power it all the way down and restart. This should clear the memory cache and hopefully allow the game to run smoother and longer.

Potential fixes for Palworld saving issues

Palworld World Save failed error message
Palworld World Save failed error message

Take a screenshot

Yes, I know that sounds silly but I have heard that simply taking a screenshot on your controller somehow fixes the save issue. Seems like a simple enough fix so would be the first thing to try.

I don’t know why it works but I have heard at least a dozen people tell me this works.

Palworld World Saving InProgress error message
Palworld World Saving InProgress error message

Go to the Xbox home and back

Another possible fix for the saving issue is to go to the Xbox Home page and then open the game again and somehow the saving issue is fixed. I think this is probably the same trick as the screenshot but another way to try and fix it.

I get that it is frustrating to try and play this game and to have it either continually crash or not save your progress. But understand that this game is early access and in my opinion, it should have never been released on older consoles.

PocketPair’s other popular game Craftopia had similar issues when it was first released to the Xbox One. The older consoles would crash after you left the first island and made it unplayable. After about a month they had it fixed and continually improved on the game over the years.

So try the things above to fix those crashes, and if it doesn’t work maybe go play a different game and come back after they update. I will try to keep you posted if any official hot fixes or patches are released because I am a dedicated Xbox player and love to see more people playing on Xbox.

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