Craftopia Spring 2024 Update

Craftopia Seamless World Spring 2024 Update Released

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Ever since Palworld came out it felt like Craftopia has taken a back seat. I know some of you have been hanging in there but finally PocketPair has released the Spring 2024 update with a whole lot of content and a new area to explore.

Craftopia Spring 2024 Update Released
Craftopia Spring 2024 Update Released
Craftopia Miasma Wetlands Mushrooms
Spring 2024 update
Craftopia Miasma Wetlands Mushrooms

On the Steam PC version of Craftopia you can now update and get the spring 2024 update which includes these highlights:

  • New Area Unlocked (Miasma Wetlands)
  • New Dungeons and Quests in Unnefell Desert
  • New Age Level
  • New Vehicles
  • New Weapons
  • New Furniture
  • Improvements and Bug Fixes
Craftopia Miasma Wetlands Boss Arena
Craftopia Miasma Wetlands Boss Arena

A lot of people were worried that once Palworld came out that Craftopia would stop in development. But this update should quiet a lot of those rumors as this is a huge update with a ton of new content and new maps to explore.

Full patch notes for the Craftopia Spring 2024 update:

◆ Newly Added Content
- You can now accept quests from NPCs in ""Unnefell Desert"".
- Added an option to set the weather in creative mode.
- The Dungeon of Unnefell Desert has been opened.
- Partial release of the new biome ""Miasma Wetlands"" has been released.
New age Lv, dungeons, SHOP, etc. will be released at a later date.
- We have implemented a new vehicle, the minecart!
The minecart can move at high speed on the laid rails, and can even jump. Laying rails can be done in the same way as pipelines.
However, minecarts are vulnerable to attacks from enemies, so be careful where you place them. 
- We have implemented a new pipeline, the sonic pipeline.
Items can be sent out much faster than regular pipelines. 
- We have implemented a new vehicle ""Combat Helicopter""!
A powerful helicopter equipped with machine guns and missiles. 
- We have implemented a new vehicle, the torpedo boat! It can fire torpedoes while moving at high speed on the water.
It is also possible for multiple people to board by sitting at each gun turret. 
- We have implemented a new vehicle “Shark Hoverboard”! Everyone wants to ride, right?
- We have implemented a new vehicle ""Motocross""!
It has better running performance than a regular bike because it has a small turning radius and can jump. 
- New weapons ""Submachine Guns I-III"" have been implemented.
A gun that fires SMG bullets at high speed, making it effective in close-range combat.
- We have implemented a ""clone breeding place"" which is a high-ranking breeding place.
- We have implemented a new intermediate material.
・Tempered glass
・Rare scrap parts
・High performance electronic circuit
・High performance engine
・Chobham Armor
- We have implemented a new item, ``Mithril''!
・Mithril ingot
・Mithril Ax
・Mithril Pickaxe
・Mithril one-handed sword
・Mithril two-handed sword
・Mithril Bow
・Mithril Arrow
・Mithril Shield
・Mithril Spear
・Mithril magic wand
・Mithril Sword
- Added new furniture. You can craft it from the furniture crafting table.
・Log table
・Mushroom desk
・Jack O' Big Shelter
・Mushroom parasol
・Hanging lantern
・Toilet paper holder
・Wall hanging towel
・Pile of red fallen leaves
・Pile of yellow fallen leaves
・Log stool
・Stump stool
・Log bench
・Mushroom stool
・Autumn leaves hanging scroll
- We have implemented the ""Expert Potion Mixer"", which is a high-ranking potion mixer.
- We have implemented a new item 'Portable Portal'.
By placing it on the field, you can use it as a fast travel point.
The maximum number of units that can be installed will increase depending on the number of wedge towers that are repaired! 
- Items ``Whetstone'' and ``Amulet'' have been added.
The added items are as follows.
・Iron whetstone
・Iron Amulet
・Golden whetstone
・Golden amulet
・Adamant steel whetstone
・Adamant Steel Amulet
・Mithril whetstone
・Mithril Amulet
- We have implemented enchantments that exert special effects when added to facilities.
- A new powerful enemy, the Goblem, will appear.
Cunning goblins are exploiting stone golems.
By defeating them, you can obtain materials with special enchantments and accessories. 
- Merchant Smith has opened a shop in ``Sherbert Iceberg'' and ``Unnefell Desert.''
It seems that new weapons can be purchased depending on each biome. 
- We have opened a new age, the Age of Scientific Research. Along with this, you will be able to create new items.

◆ Balance Adjustments
- Due to the preparations for the higher-ranking breeding site, the name of ""Breeding Facility S"" has been changed to ""Breeding Facility.""
- Changed so that some attacks of the boss ""Fafnir"" cannot be avoided.
- The attack power increase due to the two-handed sword's charged buff will now be applied to the skill ""Frog Stomp"".

◆ Functional Improvements
- Improved the appearance of some UI.
- Adjusted the types of logs output on dedicated servers.
- The time until timeout during multi-multiplayer has been extended.
- Changed so that weather effects such as rain and snow stop when you are under the roof.
- Changed the operation of the map stamp button to right mouse click.
- Adjusted the weather in Unnefell Desert.
- The number of times a dual-wielding aerial attack can be activated will now be reset when entering water.
- ""Snowballs"" now spawn on the Sherbert Iceberg.
- The appearance of Crimson Herb, Ultramarine Herb, and Lemon Herb has been changed.
- Added sounds to dual wield and magic staff attacks.
- Adjusted the volume of bow charge.
- The magic wand motion has been slightly modified.
- Added effects to Lizard Sword and Lizard Ax.
- Added voice to ""Noble Frog"".
- Added effects to stone golem.
- Added effects to King Mono.
- Added effects to Lizard Executioner.
- Added effects to Lizard Gunner.
- Added effects to Griffon and Autumn Griffon. The player's Wind Edge magic has also been improved.
- The skill ""Pet Resurrection"" can now only be used when there is a dead pet.
- You can now give up the trial by holding the E key at the pedestal of ongoing trial.
- You can now return when you fall down in some ""Trial of Gliding"" or ""Trial of Speed"".
- A lever has been installed in elevators on the upper and lower floors in the deepest part of the caves. Apart from the central switch, this lever can also be used to operate the elevator. 
- The skill ""Warp Shift"" can now be canceled with various aerial actions.
- Added sounds to boss skills.
- When the skill ""Parry"" successfully deflects a long-range attack, it will now grant invincibility for a certain period of time.
- Adjusted the water splash effects of fishing boats and rafts.
- Brushed up effects for general player skills

◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where quest-issuing NPCs such as captured archaeologists would not be saved after being summoned to the field.
- Fixed an issue where the game pad selection operation would not work properly in the inventory or chest UI after using the enchantment table.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if an invalid ID was specified when using the kick command.
- Fixed an issue where the robot dropping ""Ancient Doll Fragments"" was not rendered on the guest side during multiplayer.
- Fixed an issue where the refinement value would increase when attacking buildings etc.
- The position of the soul orb that was buried in the wall in ""Owatatsu Islands"" has been adjusted.
- Corrected the hit detection of palm trees that can be placed with ""Palm Tree Seedling"".
- Fixed an issue where the [Relic] growth tablet could not be used to strengthen Anubis' status.
- The explanation about the function has been removed from the description of ""Wood Drone Base"".
- The phrase ""made from wheat flour"" in the description of ""bioethanol"" has been corrected to ""made from wheat.""
- Fixed a bug where the icon for the item ""Felt Cloth"" was a test icon.
- Fixed an issue where the ""Jetpack"" effect would appear at an unintended time.
- Fixed an issue where the ""Automatic Furniture Assembly Machine"" had unintended collision detection.
- Fixed an issue where pipelines could not be connected straight after being disconnected.
- Fixed an issue where the production of ""Cauldron"" would not be completed. ""Cauldron"" no longer starts production until it has 1 or more empty slots inside.
Please note that malfunctioning ""Cauldron"" deployed in the field must be destroyed when you want to remove.
- Fixed an issue where guests were unable to use ""Lively Market"".
- Fixed an issue where items transported to the Master Worker's Refinery via the pipeline would disappear.
- Fixed a bug where the items in the chest would multiply if there were not enough items to fit into the chest at the automatic crafting facility.
- We have expanded the accessible range of the ""Sorting Machine"" and ""Three-Way Sorting Machine"" as a countermeasure to the issue of being able to place them below the ground.
- Fixed an issue where if you retrieved a bench while sitting on a bench placed on the floor, you would warp through the floor and onto the ground.
- Fixed an issue where weapons (especially spears) would have strange animations when equipped with Balder Armor Black and Predator BDU.
- Fixed an issue where the landing sound would play continuously when the player was fatigued.
- Fixed an issue where the player's head would sometimes disappear at the start of the game if the player was equipped with a layered personal set that did not have head equipment.
- Fixed an issue where Phoenix would keep reviving.
- Fixed an issue where some NPCs would spawn diagonally.
- The UI icon of the pet management machine was still the old model, so it was replaced with the new model.
- Fixed an issue where guests could pass through the terrain when riding the elevator going down to the underground cave during multiplayer.
- Fixed an issue where the weapon polishing buff would not be removed after using some skills.
- Fixed an issue where the skill ""Frogstomp"" would not end properly when a multiplayer guest uses it.
- Fixed an issue where critical hits of some skills would not activate.
- Fixed a bug in the UI of the skill ""Golden Wind"". (No change in effect)

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