Craftopia Seamless Map Update news June 27

Craftopia Seamless Map Updates Releases June 27th

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PocketPair the developers of Craftopia and PalWorld have just announced that the Craftopia “Seamless Map” Update will be coming to Steam on June 27th (Japan Time).

Here are the details from their Twitter post:

Hello everyone!
Craftopia's largest update ever, the "Seamless Update" is scheduled to release on June 27! (Japan time)

Craftopia is still in early access, so we need your feedback, especially after the release of this update.
As this is the largest update we have ever done, there are bound to be some balancing issues or bugs so we would appreciate it if you could report bugs and provide feedback when possible.

Please note that this update will initially only apply to the Steam version. The Xbox version will be updated at a later date.

We plan to do regular updates to the game every 2 weeks, as well as larger content updates, so stay tuned!

(Please understand that we may need to delay it by a couple of days if any serious issues appear before then)

While not happy that the Xbox update will be delayed, it was expected. But super excited to hear the new update will drop on the 27th. Also, the note about them continuing to do regular updates every 2 weeks and then larger content updates is also encouraging for the game’s future.

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