Craftopia Seamless Roadmap 2024

Craftopia Development Roadmap Updated 2024

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Remember back in 2023 when they released the Craftopia Seamless Map Development roadmap and I thought we would be done in 2023. Yeah, good times.

Well, I was wrong and we didn’t get the game released fully in 2023. Heck, we didn’t even get Seamless Map on Xbox for Christmas.

But we did get a new updated roadmap for 2024. And to say it is a little disappointing would be an understatement. But here is the updated Craftopia Development roadmap:

Craftopia Seamless Map Roadmap 2024
Craftopia Seamless Map Roadmap 2024

Sequential Updates

  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer Optimizations
  • Bug Fixes
  • New Age (Age of Gods, and more)
  • New Vehicles (Land, air, and sea vehicles)
  • Implement highly-requested items (New breeder, warp portals, etc.)
  • Add New Skills
  • New Biomes (Desert, Poisonous Swamp, Volcano, and…)
  • New Enemy Types
  • Minecarts
  • Balance Adjustments for shields and attacks
  • Gun Enhancement
  • Magic Adjustments (Adjustment of power and function, impact point display, etc.)
  • Pipeline Improvements (Improve connection and implementation of upper and curved pipes)
  • Improvements to mini map and MAP display (Memo function on MAP, improvements of functionality, etc.)
  • Pet Speed Improvement (Overal buffing of land pets)
  • Weather in Creative Mode

Medium Term Development

  • Dedicated Server Implementation
  • Vehicle Customization
  • World Heritage Sites Overhaul
  • Attributes System
  • Special Item Trees
  • Tollbar Sets
  • Balance adjustment of all skills
  • Balance adjustments regarding shield and invincibility times
  • Improved Alchemy System
  • Improvements to Bedrock (Bedrock-like structures that can be placed freely)
  • Improved item collection UI (Such as displaying an outline for the selected item)
  • Crafting Search Function

Long Term Development

  • Seamless World release on Xbox
  • End-Game Crafting Content
  • Crafting Rod
  • Raid System
  • Improvements to Farming
  • Improved Picture Book
  • Weapon Adjustments (Performance, balance, etc.)
  • Enchantment Adjustments (Performance, drop rate, etc.)
  • Enchantment UI Improvements (Favorite, search function, etc.)
  • Improvements to Controller Operation

The biggest head-scratcher to me is they moved Seamless World on Xbox to Long-Term Development. We don’t know what Long Term is but that was their way of saying we will get there when we get there.

But at least we got an updated roadmap and they are starting to roll back with regular updates to PC.

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