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Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance

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Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance

Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance has been announced that it will come straight to Game Pass on day one. I am a huge fan of Microsoft Game Pass. I have been a subscriber since day one. So another big game to come to the service on day one is always welcomed.

From what we know Dark Alliance looks to be an action RPG with a great co-op feature. It sounds like you can drop in and out of games and the difficulty level will scale up when you have more people in your party.

There are 4 characters to choose from in Dark Alliance and each character has a range of different attacks that can be chained into combos. Watching some early game play videos looks like there are plenty of ranged and up-close attacks to suit your play style.

And in those early gameplay videos, it looks like loot is a major component. I mean it wouldn’t be an RPG if it didn’t have some great loot. Also, there are destructible environments to gather more loot.

Stay tuned here for more info after its release on June 22. Hopefully we will have more info and be able to get a review up shortly after the game is released.

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