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How to build a bank in Craftopia

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In Craftopia you get gold for selling items at the marketplace. Gold is needed to do a variety of things in the game. It can be used to buy items from traders. It is needed to craft certain items at different crafting facilities. And when you die you lose some of your gold.

At some point in Craftopia, you will have a lot of gold and you may want to store that extra gold somewhere. Where can I store my gold in Craftopia? In a bank.

What do I need to craft a bank in Craftopia?

How to build a bank in Craftopia
  • 1 mil. G Land Sale Contract (signed)
  • 10 Steel Ingot
  • 1 Steel Chest
  • 5 Cogwheel
  • 5 Battery

Most of these are easy to craft at your workbench. But one of these items is a mystery. The 1 mil. G Land Sale Contract (signed). You can easily craft a 1 mil. G Land Sale Contract (unsigned) at your workbench with 1 Old Rag and 1 Charcoal.

How do you sign your 1 mil. G Land Sale Contract (unsigned)?

After you have crafted a 1 mil. G Land Sale Contract (unsigned) just go to your inventory, select the unsigned contract and click X to use it. But there is one big caveat. You have to have 1 MILLION GOLD to sign it. And that’s it. It will consume a million gold and you will have a signed contract.

Once you have all the parts you can craft your bank and place it (hopefully in a safe location). Then you can deposit your hard earn gold into the bank. For every bank, you can deposit up to 1 million gold and will get charged 1% interest for each deposit.

I don’t know how practical building a bank is but perhaps if I held onto my gold a little more then maybe it would serve more of a purpose. The problem is you have to use 1 million gold to store 1 million gold. This just seems like a lot of work for little gain. But I guess it’s cool that you can craft a bank.


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