Craftopia Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Craftopia Guide

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This page is the one-stop shop for all things Craftopia. The idea is that if a resource has a guide or tutorial or can get your question answered, it will be linked from here. There will be links to websites, youtube channels/videos, and links to guides on this site.

Craftopia Seamless World Guides

How to enchant with the Seamless World Update

How to advance ages in the Seamless World Update

Craftopia Seamless World Maps

Craftopia Seamless World Map Geezah Plateau

*Note – With the new Seamless World update on Steam many of these guides below are out of date now. As I have time I will update the existing guides or make new ones. If you are playing the Xbox version as of today (6/28/2023) these guides still apply.

You will find both beginner’s information and guides for experienced players. If you find anything lacking head over to our Youtube channel and drop a comment to let us know that we missed something.

This Craftopia guide will grow as the content grows and new content is found.

How To Guides:

How to get feces in Craftopia

How to get hell peppers in Craftopia

Craftopia How to auto farm bioethanol

Craftopia Fishing Guide

Craftopia How To Build a Bank

Craftopia How to use an Enchanting Table

Craftopia Enchantment Guide

Craftopia Armor Guide

How to find the Boss Rush Dungeon in Craftopia

How to refine weapons in Craftopia

Craftopia Status Effects

Craftopia NPC Guide

Craftopia – How to build an offshore oil plant

Craftopia creature guide

Craftopia how to tame pets

Craftopia boss guide

Craftopia how to automate water creation

Craftopia automated battery farm

Craftopia Cooking Pot Guide

Craftopia Skill Machine Factory Guide

Craftopia Machine Factory Guide

Craftopia Farming and Seed Improvement

How to advance ages in Craftopia

Craftopia Skilled Blacksmith Guide

Craftopia Hatter Guide

Craftopia how to manage inventory

Craftopia Skilled vs Stone Furnace

Craftopia potion brewing stand guide

Tips and Tricks:

Craftopia Tips and Tricks

Craftopia Hidden Walls

Craftopia Monster Hunter Mission

What do you use gold for in Craftopia

Craftopia Altar of Transportation

Helpful communities to get answers:

Official Craftopia Reddit

Official Craftopia Discord

Facebook Craftopia Gaming Community

Helpful YouTube channels to subscribe to:

Year of the Dad Gaming


Mama Kira

Craftopia Youtube playthrough guides

In these playthroughs, I take a step-by-step approach to showing how to play the game and build your character focusing on either a magic build or an attack build.

Craftopia Beginners Playthrough Part 1 (Magic Build)
Craftopia Attack Build Part 1

Other helpful websites to find info:

Official Japanese Craftopia Wiki <- This wiki is in Japanese and you will need to use google translate to read it in your local language.