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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous patch

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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Trailer

The first major patch for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has been released on Steam by Owl Cat Games. This patch includes some visual improvements along with some gameplay fixes.

The update is 14.2 GB on Steam. This would make sense with the new visual updates. It also fixes some weird issues where NPCs were showing up in the wrong place (or in your bed).

The patch notes are huge but here are some highlights:


- Visuals and performance of multiple areas has been improved;
- Improved the visuals of multiple NPC;
- Fixed the inaccuracies in reactivity to your choices, such as some NPCs appearing where they should not be;
- Improved the mounted combat in turn-based mode and fixed another issue with Charge;
- In your inventory it will be easier to tell the scrolls you can learn from those you can’t;
- Crusade underwent many changes, and also you can control the armies from the crusade interface now (from the throne room).

Known issues:

- Sometimes enemies with multiple attacks can get stuck in turn-based mode. The workaround is to disable turn-based mode temporarily if you encounter such an enemy.


- Battle with Siabrae is made easier for Normal difficulty and below;
- Candles no longer continue floating in the air after Daeran's bath is gone from Commander's bedroom;
- A door was missing in the tavern in Return to Drezen, offering you to exit location through the wall - fixed;
- Added a new cutscene in chapter 5;


- Ability tooltips weren't reacting to right mouse button as intended - fixed;
- Added a crusade tutorial to Encyclopedia;
- Added an objective to the Middlegame quest, requiring to develop all crusade stats to the 5th rank;
- Added visual and sound effect for a unit's extra turn from positive morale;
- Added visual and sound effect for a unit's suffering from negative morale;
- After you reach the highest rank of a crusade stat or the highest level for a general, you could see that you need 999999 for the next level. Fixed. Now you will see either '-' or the current number;
- Cone of Cold has been added to Nightcrawlers;
- Dispel didn't work correctly - fixed;
- Earth Mastery now works according to description;
- Fear Aura didn't work correctly - fixed;
- Fixed General's ability Crushing Charge;
- Fixed the issue when using General's Slow ability would interrupt the battle;
- Frenzy Trap now works according to description;

Classes & Mechanics

- Classed & Uncanny Dodge and Improved Uncanny Dodge deleted from Skald talents selection;
- "Favorite metamagic - Bolstered" mythic feat wasn't available - fixed;
- A bug allowed to select a different caster level when making potions or scrolls - fixed;
- Ability "Mythic Skill Focus — Persuasion" didn't work for intimidation - fixed;
- Ability Animal Companion — Black Horse was not visible - fixed;


- Fixed the issue of Hosilla standing still after the death;
- Fixed incorrect tags in German localization;
- Characters sometimes walked instead of running when asked to cover a large distance - fixed;
- Abrikandilus snored after being tripped - fixed;
- A certain ghost in Estrod tower had two pairs of wings - fixed;
- Added characters foliage interaction functionality;
- After the council on the siege of Drezen the Queen used to put on her disguise again. Now she no longer does it;
- Alderpash's model has been improved;
- All tiefling NPCs got their tails back;

All images and videos credit to Owl Cat Games

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