Chained Echoes Playable Characters

Chained Echoes Playable Characters

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In the game Chained Echoes you start off with small groups of playable characters throughout the introductory quest line. First, you meet Glenn and Kylian, then Robb and Lenne, next is Ser Victor, and finally, you meet Sienna. Eventually, Ba’thraz and Amalia will join your main party also but they come in a little later.

But once you hit Act 2 did you know there are even more playable characters that you can unlock?

Most of the playable characters that decide to join your party are optional after Act 2 starts. They all require completing a side quest or advancing through the main quest so if you are a completionist you will eventually gather all optional playable characters in a single playthrough.

List of Chained Echoes Playable Characters:


You will find Tomke in the Arkant Archipelago
You will find Tomke in the Arkant Archipelago

Tomke can be found after you have finished the main quest and advanced to Act 2. You will receive the airship and be able to travel to the Arkant Archipelago. You will start off in the middle of the town just north of the dock.

Head to the east (left) of this spot and you will trigger a cut scene where you meet Tomke. In this cutscene, you find out quickly that Tomke is an unusual character who likes to “can” his enemies.

This will trigger The Food, the Chap, and the Hungry side quest. In order to complete this side quest you simply need to travel to the Hooge and find out more info about Tomke and why he ended up in the Arkant Archipelago.

You can find out more about Tomke here and the skills available to him.

Tomke fights with an anchor. So any anchor-type weapons you find early in the game are reserved strictly for Tomke.


You will meet Egyl in Shambala
You will meet Egyl in Shambala

When you head to Shambala you will run into Egyl. He will challenge your entire crew and once you defeat him you get to meet the Sova (bird people).

This is all part of the main story quest so Egyl cannot be missed. But once you complete this portion of the story Egyl will be allowed to join your party as a playable character.

Egyl is introduced with some tutorials on drawing hate. Basically, Egyl is a tank that can not only take a lot of damage but purposely draw enemy attacks to him.

Egyl fights with a gunspear. Any gunspear type weapons you find early in the game will be reserved for Egyl as no other character can wield a gunspear.


You must recruit Magnolia during a side quest
You must recruit Magnolia during a side quest

As you progress through the story you will meet a strange magician in Farnsport. She will be intrigued by Glenn and eventually help you “walk” through Glenn’s memories in the story quest Chained Echoes.

Later on, Magnolia is recruitable. In the City of Tormund, there is a side quest that can be unlocked. There is a gated mansion located in the western part of the city where you will find some people who need bodyguards. This will kick off the side quest Falfalaran Sings the Fairy.

This side quest has your party fighting through the Inner Sanctum in the Fiorwoods. In the end, you find out that Magnolia is really a fairy and has some incredible magic powers. Upon completion of the side quest Magnolia will join your party.

Magnolia uses cards as her primary weapon. She is a heavy magic user and her ability to transform into a fairy can really ramp up her magic damage.


You need Tomke and clan level 3 to recruit Mikah as a playable character
You need Tomke and clan level 3 to recruit Mikah as a playable character

Mikah as it turns out, is related to Tomke. So in order to recruit Mikah you must complete the side quest The Food, the Chap, and the Hungry.

You must also upgrade Hermit’s Isle to clan level 3. Click here to find out how to upgrade Hermit’s Isle.

After getting to clan level 3 you can recruit Bob and Gormit. They will construct a pub on Hermit’s Isle and this will trigger Mikah to show up. Mikah will quickly run off and this will lead to a series of events where you must defeat a Sandworm.

Once this is all over Mikah will join your party. She has some really good skills to buff your party so don’t overlook using her in your regular rotation.

Mikah fights with claws as her primary weapon.


Raphael comes back as a playable character towards the end of the game
Raphael comes back as a playable character towards the end of the game

If you remember early in the game you met a twisted man who had a daughter that you had to battle. If you head back to the tavern near the White Rose Inn in Iden you will find out that Arlette is missing and you need to go find her.

This will trigger the side quest A Will To Live. This can only be triggered if you have completed the main story quest Chained Echoes. As you progress through this side quest you find out that Raphael is involved and has been tending to Arlette

Soon after this, you are now in control of Raphael. You can immediately start spending Grimoire Shards and equipping weapons, armor, and crystals. Then once you complete this side quest he is available to join your party.

Raphael is a good tank but is even better for protecting your party against magic attacks. Also, Raphael fights with Greatsword so he makes a great replacement in your party for Kylian.

In Chained Echoes, the roster of playable characters expands beyond the initial group introduced in the introductory quest line. After hitting Act 2, players can unlock various optional characters by completing their respective side quests. 

Tomke fights with an anchor, Egyl wields a gunspear and draws enemy attacks, Magnolia uses cards as a primary weapon and transforms into a fairy, Mikah buffs the party with claws, and Raphael protects the party against magic attacks and wields a greatsword. 

With the addition of these unique characters, players can create a diverse and formidable party. So don’t hesitate to explore the world and uncover all the playable characters that await!

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