Chained Echoes Tomke Skills Canned Enemies

Chained Echoes Canned Enemies – Tomke Skills

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Chained Echoes Canned Enemies and Tomke Skills Guide

Have you ever played Chained Echoes and wondered what the Canned under the enemies info stands for?

Eventually while playing Chained Echoes you will meet one of your party members named TomkeTomke has lost his memories but it turns out he is a skilled fighter. Tomke also has a crazy appetite and will eat just about anything.

How do you find Tomke?

Tomke can be found after you have finished the main quest and advanced to Act 2. You will receive the airship and be able to travel to the Arkant Archipelago.

You will start off in the middle of the town just north (above) of the dock. Head to the east (left) of this spot and you will trigger a cut scene where you meet Tomke.

In this cutscene, you find out quickly that Tomke is an unusual character who likes to “can” his enemies. This will trigger the side quest The Food, the Chap, and the Hungry

How does Tomke learn skills?

Tomke can learn skills by eating a canned enemy
Tomke can learn skills by eating a canned enemy

Tomke can learn skills only through eating canned enemies. Tomke starts with a skill called Uncanny Encounter that allows him to can and eat an enemy when they get under a certain percentage of health. But in order to fill out his skill tree you have to find the canned enemies that Tomke is able to can and eat.

How do you know if Tomke can eat an enemy?

You can check out all the enemies in your bestiary and it will tell you if an enemy can be canned. But if you haven’t noticed yet during the battle there is an icon that indicates if an enemy is a potential canned enemy.

If the enemy is able to be canned then there will be a green check mark next to the Canned status. Once you have learned the skill associated with that enemy the Canned indicator will always show a red X for that enemy in battle.

List of canned enemies in Chained Echoes along with the skills Tomke will gain:

Boxfly (Rohlan Fields)

The boxfly is technically what Tomke eats in the introduction. This unlocks the memory of what his name is and where you need to go. But when you eat one in Rohlan Fields it unlocks the Hard Swing skill.

The boxfly is fairly common around Rohlan Fields but if you head west you can find plenty of them.

Saliva (Rohlan Fields)

In the north/northeast part of Rohlan Fields you will find these small chompy plants. Beware because they can use a powerful attack to start out the battle that will drain every character to 1 HP but after that, they are easy to dispatch. Tomke learns the Freak Wave attack from eating canned Saliva.

Titan Elemental (Kortara Mountain Range)

Cannable enemy - Titan Elemental
Cannable enemy – Titan Elemental

In the southeast corner (bottom right) of the Kortora Mountain Range, there is a wooded area. In this area, you can find waterflies (needed to summon Gol D WaterFly) and Titan Elemental. Tomke will learn the Spinach Power skill after eating canned Titan Elemental.

Adamant Crab (Arkant Archipelago)

Out in the water east (right) of where you found Tomke in the Arkant Archipelago contain some of these small purple crabs. You will have to fly your Sky Armor to the shallow water and walk down to them. Can an Adamant Crab for Tomke and he will learn Convert.

Alphoarn (Kortara Mountain Range)

Cannable enemy - Alphoarn
Cannable enemy – Alphoarn

Head east from Flandern in the Kortara Mountain Range and you will run into a group of Alphoarn. But I would highly recommend you take them on later in the game as they are tough enemies to take down on foot. Tomke will learn the Run Aground skill after eating an Alphoarn

Sewerdiver (Narslene South)

The sewerdiver is located in the Narslene Sewers
The sewerdiver is located in the Narslene Sewers

Deep in the Narslene Sewers, you will find the Sewerdiver. More than likely you encountered these characters at the beginning of the game but you can backtrack and reenter the sewers from Farnsport. These dirty little divers can be canned and eaten by Tomke to learn the Sacrifice skill.

Seahorse Knight ( Leviathan Trench)

During the story when you head to the Kindreld Monastery, you go through an underground area from the Flower Fields of Perpetua. This area is called the Leviathan’s Trench. Here you can find the Seahorse Knights. Tomke can eat a canned Seahorse Knight and learn the Broken Accordion skill.

Ice Devil (Mount Rydell)

Cannable enemy - Ice Devil
Cannable enemy – Ice Devil

On Mount Rydell, you can find Ice Devils. If you have already traversed through Mount Rydell you can still get back into the caves. Just land with your airship and jump into your Sky Armor, then head down and find a spot to enter the caves. If Ice Devils are consumed by Tomke he learns the Sailor’s Song skill.

Vin (Fiorwoods)

The Vin are warthog-like creatures that can be found in the central areas of the FiorwoodsTomke is able to can the Vin and this rewards him with the Know Your Limits skill.

Terror Terrier (Phyon Oasis)

Fight the Terror Terriers to get the Bandit Class Emblem
Fight the Terror Terriers to get the Bandit Class Emblem

Terror Terriers can show up in several locations but one of the easiest ways to find them is in the Phyon Oasis. They are also the enemy you must defeat to get the Bandit Class Emblem. If Tomke cans a Terror Terrier he learns the Cigarette’s Light skill.

Ancient Turtle (Shambala)

Those big turtles you find during the main quest in Shambala are edible. Apparently only Tomke can eat them though. When Tomke eats a canned turtle he learns Sharing is Caring skill.

Golem (Empyrean Ruins)

Cannable enemy - Golem
Cannable enemy – Golem

When traversing the Empyrean Ruins you will find no short supply of Golems. They are scattered around sometimes with other enemies and sometimes in groups of two. Tomke can eat a canned Golem and learn the Spinning Swirl skill.

Blemmyae (Nhysa)

Blemmyae are located in the wooded area of NhysaTomke can eat a canned Blemmyae and learn the Clap on the Back skill.

Phantom (Nhysa)

Eventually, after you find some keys you can enter some underground areas in the City of Nhysa. Here you will find Phantoms. Phantoms are cannable and can be eaten by Tomke to learn the Treasure Mark skill.

Croapier (Narslene Sewers)

Later in the game, you will discover a new section of the Narslene Sewers. This section is accessible when you head through the Baalrut Tunnel via Ograne Grottos. This area is loaded with frog-like creatures called Croapier. The Croapier can be canned by Tomke and rewards him with the Rushing Anchor skill.

And that’s everything you need to know about Tomke, the unusual party member you’ll encounter in Chained Echoes! With his unique ability to “can” enemies and learn skills through eating them, Tomke is definitely a valuable addition to your party but takes some work to unlock all of his skills.

Be sure to explore the Arkant Archipelago and trigger the cutscene to meet Tomke and start the side quest The Food, the Chap, and the Hungry.

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