Chained Echoes update version 1.1

Chained Echoes Version 1.1 Content Update

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The developer for Chained Echoes has pushed out a content update for Chained Echoes. There are two big changes that came with this update.

The first change is the support for the Japanese language. This is a huge step seeing that this is a JRPG. The second big change is adding the Tutorials to the menu system so you can re-read them. This is one of the big issues people had with the game early on as you only saw the tutorials once and then they were gone.

Here is a full list of what was included in the Version 1.1 Content Update:

- Added: Japanese language support 
- Added: Option to re-read tutorials in the menu
- Fixed a bug where Mage Warrior’s Fire and Water attack wouldn’t trigger oil and dry properly
- Fixed other minor bugs and collision errors
- Adjusted Phoenix Rise, Dragonfang, Elemental Pact
- Adjusted some Sky Armor stats

The Chained Echoes update went out to steam on 2/7 and should be pushed to all other consoles as they get approved.

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