Chained Echoes Update Version 1.06

Chained Echoes 1.06 Update News

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The developer for Chained Echoes has pushed out an update for Chained Echoes. This is another round of bug fixes and should be coming to all services if not already there (Steam, GOG, Xbox, Nintendo, PS).

The update is version 1.06 and includes the following fixes:

- Fixed reload bug in Frydolin’s home
- Fixed a bug making it possible to skip the Assassin Girl battle
- Removed marker from north east Rohlan Fields map
- Fixed a bug that could cause the player to be locked on an island in a certain person’s mind
- Fixed table colliders in an inn
- Fixed Randomage not getting added to the bestiary in rare cases
- Fixed a few collider issues in south west Perpetua
- Fixed a bug that locked the game when the player killed a certain end game boss while he was using Counter Stance
- Fixed a bug that led to a black screen when corrupted save files were present in the save directory
- Fixed a bug regarding the Shaved Head
- Fixed respawn of a certain boss in the final area
- Fixed error in price calculations with Zellor’s ability
- Fixed crystal size display bug in inventory
- Fixed some missing translations
- Fixed a bug that could occur when selling equipped skill RAM
- Fixed a bug where the Fire Attack passive would always trigger
- Fixed a bug that allowed taking actions during certain loading screens in cutscenes
- Fixed other minor bugs and collision errors

Also, the devs have announced that a content update to version 1.1 will be coming soon. In that update, one of the big announcements is adding tutorial screens to the menu so you can re-read them at any time. This would be a big help because some of those screens include essential info.

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