Craftopia Updated Development Roadmap

Craftopia Development Roadmap updated

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A long long time ago, there was a development roadmap that laid out all the great things the developers for Craftopia wanted to accomplish. Once they started working on the Seamless World update those plans quickly were left behind.

But now that the Seamless World update is released the developers have been working on an updated Roadmap.

Here is an image of the updated development roadmap for Craftopia as of June 28th, 2023:

Craftopia Development Roadmap

Here is a month-by-month breakdown

June – Seamless World update:

  • Reimagined World of Craftopia
  • New Crafting Mechanics
  • Combat Overhaul

July – Optimization and New Content

  • Adjusting Content New Areas, Caves, Age
  • Open Brigandine Valley
  • New Caves
  • New Age

August – Major Update

  • New Area, Age, Items, Skills
  • Steam Achievements
  • Open Sherbert Iceberg
  • New Field Bosses
  • Open Boss Rush Dungeon
  • New end-game crafting options
  • New Age
  • New item “craft rod”
  • Add New Farming Items, vehicles, furniture
  • New [Element Attribute] Mechanic
  • Unique new skills earned through defeating bosses
  • Add 10+ skills
  • Gun skills and new weapon types

September – Long Term Development new content

  • Adjustments for official release
  • Dedicated server
  • New Age
  • Vehicle Customization
  • World Heritages
  • Raids
  • Armor/Accessory Enchantment

Now we all know this is a tentative schedule and delays can and probably will happen. But this gives me great hope that they are aiming for this game to be ready for a full release and out of early access possibly before the end of the year.

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