Craftopia Seamless World Patch Notes

Craftopia Seamless World Update Recap 06/30/2023

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Now that we have the Seamless World Update released a flurry of bugs and balancing issues have already been found by the community. To combat these issues PocketPair has been doing frequent hot fixes and patches to address the problems.

Instead of writing a post every day with the patch that was released, I will just recap all the updates that happened for the week and put the release notes here so you can follow along. The version number usually includes the date it was pushed to Steam (or the day before).

Craftopia Patch Notes for Version v20230628.2004

◆ Functional Improvements
- Adjusted the volume of the rain sound.
- Adjusted the volume of the building sound effect.

◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that made tower restoration lag during multiplayer.
- Fixed an issue where performing certain actions during the eating animation would break the model.
- Fixed a bug that you could accidentally go underwater under specific conditions.
- Fixed an issue where crystals appearing in Trials of Anubis could not be obtained.
- Fixed a bug that caused the wrong wording to be displayed on the hint ""Slate"" in ""The Old Garden of the Dead"".
- Fixed a bug where items in the stone furnace and blacksmith could not be collected in multiplayer.
- Fixed a problem in multiiplayer where the starting point would sometimes be on the surface of the water.
- Fixed a bug where translations were not applied correctly to some UI etc. due to a bug.
In addition, it has been confirmed that some texts have not been translated, so this will be corrected in the near future. 
- Fixed a bug that GPU usage became too high on the home screen after a game launched.
- Fixed a bug that some deployed buildings, such as Workbenches, Chests, Stone Furnaces, and Beds, were misplaced at fairly wrong positions in the guest players game in Multiplayer.

Craftopia Patch Notes for version v20230630.0220

◆ Critical Bug Fixes and Improvements
- Fixed a bug that you couldn't start a game after you closed the news window while the window was downloading the news.

◆ Functional Improvements
- Added the function to display the dialogue if the function detects save data corruption while launching a game and restoring a save data from backups.
- Adjusted the layout of the cave where a player character arrives when you start a game.
- Modified the gimmicks of dungeons to make it clearer to understand.

◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that made Chests and Workbenches, which were deployed onto Wooden Floors installed right above water, float in multiplayer.
- Fixed a bug that you couldn't move straight forward when you ran while riding on the pet Fenrir.
- Fixed the visual effect of Lizard Guillotine.
- Fixed a bug that the animations wouldn't be played while riding on Lizard Gunner.
- Fixed a bug that made Noble Frog attack players who were outside of a dungeon.
- Some of the skills were not implemented yet displayed on the skill tree along with the text ""Coming Soon"". We temporarily removed the unimplemented skills.
Those skills will be available to use in later update. Please wait for it.
- Reduced the issue that you would get stuck after using the skill ""Triple Slash"" in multiplayer.
- Applied translations to some UI on which translations weren't properly displayed. There are still some UI which don't display translations. We're eagerly working on it.
- Fixed a bug that made buildings, which were deployed onto Wooden Floors installed in the air, fall through the floors in the guest players game in Multiplayer.

It is great to see that they are quickly addressing some of the bigger issues that have been brought up by the community so if you are still having problems playing Craftopia make sure and file those bug reports and send them in.

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