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Craftopia Potion Brewing Stand Guide

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In Craftopia you can create a potion brewing stand to build your own potions. While you can collect potions from drops and chests in the world it may be easier to craft your own. Most of the potions just take a few ingredients and most can be found on random islands.

Craftopia Potion Brewing Stand

Desiring Sin Potion

You will notice in the below recipes that you need a desiring sin potion. Well, you cannot craft a desiring sin potion. You must get them by defeating an evil God (Anubis/Felony Judging God) on a hell island of level 7 or higher. Typically when you kill them they will drop a good number of desiring sin potions and possibly some other sin potions. Then you can bring those to your potion brewing stand and craft the higher level sin potions.

Craftopia Potion Brewing Stand Recipes

Small Life Potion1 Red Herb
Medium Life Potion1 Bright Red Herb
Small Mana Potion1 Blue Herb
Small Stamina Potion1 Yellow Herb
Antidote5 Milk
Poison5 Poisonous Mushroom
Toxin5 Toxic Mushrooms
Heat Resistance Potion1 Red Herb
1 Chili Pepper
Hell Resistance Potion1 Red Herb
1 Hell Pepper
Freeze Resistance Potion1 Blue Herb
1 Snow Mint
Poison Resistance Potion1 Yellow Herb
1 Detoxifying Mushroom
Holy Water5 Water
Telepotion10 Elemental Dust
1 Amber
1 Crystal
Alchemical Catalyst10 Bioethanol
10 Bright Red Herb
10 Saltpeter
1 Captured Mono
Dreaming Sin Potion5 Desiring Sin Potion
Wishing Sin Potion5 Dreaming Sin Potion
Longing Sin Potion5 Wishing Sin Potion

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