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Craftopia Xbox fall patch update 10/8/2021

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Another day and more news on the fall patch update for the Xbox version of Craftopia. And unfortunately, it is a little good news-bad news.

Good news: Yes the Craftopia Xbox fall patch is still on its way. It was originally thought the patch would be released by this weekend.

Bad news: The patch is delayed. Again. It was supposed to drop by 10/7/2021 but that didn’t happen.

Better news: The developers are working to address some of the bigger bugs Xbox users are experiencing and trying to make the game better on the Xbox platform. YES! I was hoping this is why they delayed the patch.

Take a look at the statement from Pocket Pair on the fall patch update:

This is the announcement for the Xbox version of Craftopia.
We had planned to release the content update for Xbox within a week after Sep. 30th, but we're terribly sorry to inform you that we've decided to postpone its release, and we're planning to release it within two weeks because we're working on the save data bugs and the game crash bugs. Sorry for the change in the plan.

The next update will include the same content update as the Steam version and fix the following bugs:
• The bug that the game crashes under specific circumstances
• The game runs slow due to the heavy load of Griffin's tornadoes
• The bug that the key bindings reset after restarting

We're working on the following issues to fix them:
• The bug that the saving processes fail and the save data gets corrupted
• Reducing the overall memory usage of the game

Sorry for all of the users who have been waiting for the update, and thank you very much for your patience.
Craftopia Development Team

I’m really excited they are working hard at resolving these issues. I still can’t play on my Xbox One S console as it crashes every 15 minutes. My only way to play right now is to stream online. Luckily I have avoided the issue with saves not working right. But I feel my luck may run out soon.

As soon as the update drops or we get more news I will write a new post. Stay tuned here for more information.

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