Craftopia Seamless World Update August 2023 New Boss Rush

Craftopia Seamless World August 2023 Update Released

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PocketPair the developers of Craftopia and PalWorld have pushed another update to Steam for the Craftopia Seamless World map. This update is being called the New Boss Rush update.

Craftopia Seamless World August 2023 update New Boss Rush
Craftopia Seamless World August 2023 update New Boss Rush

Some of the highlights of this update are as follows:

  • Sherbert Iceberg biome opened up
  • New Era unlocked
  • Soul Orbs can now be exchanged for more items
  • Fafnir unlocked
  • Boss Rush Dungeon Unlocked
  • over 150 new furniture and building items
  • Log house sets introduced
  • Magic Skills rebalance

This is another sizable content update and rebalance. I have yet to really use magic, but with this latest update, I might try to restart a new character and focus on a magic build.

Release notes for New Boss Rush update 8/21/2023 V 20230818.2022

◆ Newly Added Content
- Unlocked the new Era Lv.
- Soul Orbs can now be exchanged with more variety of items.
- Unlocked a new biome "Sherbert Iceberg".
Under this harsh environment, cold resistant equipment and items are necessary to survive.
※ Features of the shops and caves in Sherbert Iceberg are partially limited. They will be accessible later too.
- Experimentally added "Chicago Typewriter" as a new gun type "SMG".
There are only a few ways to obtain SMG now, but we're planning to adjust and add more ways to obtain it.
- Added more than 150 new furniture and building items!
- Added "Small Log House Set", "Medium Log House Set", "Large Log House Set", "Medium Citadel Set", "Large Citadel Set", "Small Store Set", "Medium Store Set", "Large Store Set". Each set contains furniture and building items of the given theme. You can use them to enjoy the life of Craftopia, or modify and build additional sections to enjoy building!
- The evil dragon is sealed on the broken big bridge.
3 Paladins are guarding the area to prevent the evil from breaking the seal.
- Your sins in the past are forgiven.
- They are counting something new.
‡†, □/\±NKK=OεΦγα÷!0 (But your sins will not be overlooked)
- Updated "Boss Rush Dungeon" that has first appeared as challenging content in the legacy edition.
If you don't prepare well-planned equipment and enchantments when you challenge this dungeon, it won't take you so long to consider escaping from the dungeon.

- Boss Rush Dungeon is not like ordinary dungeons; you'll be forced to fight against multiple bosses, or fight while surrounded by enemies.
- Enemies appearing in each floor are not fixed so you'll face different enemies in every challenge.
- As you delve deeper into the dungeon, enemies' stats will increase infinitely.
- You'll be rewarded with token coins when you clear a floor.
- If you choose to pause at an altar, you'll get a special item that holds record of the progress. You'll resume your challenge by consuming the special item.
- In Boss Rush Dungeon, only exclusive reward items will be dropped.

The result of Boss Rush Dungeon will now be displayed. Please try this dungeon to see how deep you can delve into.
- Changed BGM of the bosses in dungeons.
- Added new skills. We're planning to adjust and improve stats and visual effects of the skills.
- Added new Magic skills and adjusted stats of existing Magic skills.
- "Runic Barrage", "Lightning Bolt", ”Lightning Ball", "Piercing Light" are effective in breaking enemies' shields.
- "Hell Blaze" and "Freezing Ray" can be cast without consuming items.
- Tier of some Magic skills are adjusted.

We understand that it takes time to balance things out when it comes to Magic. We'll add more Magic skills and adjust those balances as we continue to hear community's feedback.
◆ Balance Adjustments
- Gun's left Power Attack will now shoot 10 bullets at maximum.
- "Animal Flesh" dropped from many animals will now have the enchantment "Raw" because the skill "Wild Might" was difficult to use.
- Boss Rush Dungeon is now available; "Arena of Skill Test" is closed and the God returned to the hell.

◆ Functional Improvements
- You can now change equipment in Katana's drawing stance.
- Changed the motion of Dual Wield's Power Attack.
- Improved the motion of Katana. We're currently investigating the issues related to Katana's motion too.
- Vehicles and captured monsters would not be lost if it fails to release.
- Unlocked and adjusted some items such as "Poison", and the items that can be crafted with them.
- Some animals and monsters with feather will now drop "Rare Bird Feather".
- Sheep will now surely drop "Fluffy Sheep Wool".
- More equipment can be crafted with items obtainable from "Fleur" and "Fenrir".
- Removed the sound effect that was applied when you succeded to perform "Perfect Dodge".
- "Griffin" appearing in "Cave of the Eagle Lion" would no longer go high places.
- "Gigantes" will not be tilted on slopes now.
- Monsters infected with poisonous swamp will now drop "Toxic Mushroom".
- Equipped pet skills are now displayed in the item detail screen.
- The reward screen will be displayed when you obtain quest rewards.

◆ Performance Improvements
- Optimized the memory management by changing the way how to output game logs.
※ The location of Player Log has been changed.
Before: AppData/LocalLow/Pocketpair/Craftopia/Player.log
After: AppData/LocalLow/Pocketpair/Craftopia/Logs/PlayerLog_{DATE}_{TIME}.log
※ To Mod Developer: the way how to output game logs has been changed.
Please place the file named "NoCustomLogger.txt" inside of /AppData/LocalLow/PocketPair/Craftopia .
By doing so, the output of game logs will remain the same as the Craftopia before the update. Please note that this will disable the optimization effect as well.
◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that only 5 kinds of materials were displayed in the milestone UI.
- Fixed a bug that the respawning time of "Goblins" in cave was too short.
- Fixed bugs that manual backups were not made sometimes, and unnecessary "Manualsave" directory would remain within backup directories.
- Fixed a bug that clouds would not be displayed in the sky.
- Fixed a bug that the size of guns was unintentionally smaller.
- Fixed a bug that the visual effect of "Wooden Hoverboard" was not rendered properly.
- Greatly increased the speed of Buggy.
We're planning to adjust other vehicles too.
- Reduced a bug that you couldn't control your character when you use "Telepotion".
- Adjusted the light amount of "Lantern" to be so same as the one of "One-handed Torch".
- Fixed a bug that "Banana Peel Trap" couldn't be used.
- Fixed a bug that rotations of modules would not be synced properly with players who join later in Multiplayer.
- Fixed a bug that "Pipeline" would not be rendered in Multiplayer if you join via IP.
- Fixed a bug of the visual effect of "Excavator".
- Fixed a bug that the items carried via Pipelines would be vanished if the Pipelines were connected to buildings without its storage space.
- Fixed a bug that a character rendered became a bit too whitish during twilight and dawn.
- Fixed a bug that some Power Attack has multiple shield breaking effects in one attack.
- Fixed a bug that newly spawned monsters would deal 100 damage to surrounding buildings under high-load conditions.
- Fixed a bug that the detection range of Goblins on watchtowers became too small. They will now aim at players with their full power.
- Fixed a bug that "Indulgence of Anubis" could be used in a cave.
- Adjusted hitboxes of "Gremlins" to prevent them from falling through terrains. This change might make "Gremlins" slightly slip if they are charmed and swarming in a small place.
- Fixed a bug that pets would freeze after they were attacked.
- Fixed a bug that the shiled gauge was displayed for pets.
- Fixed a bug that bosses got reset when you used the skills like "Double Jump" and accidentally went out of the boss range.
- To prevent the bug related to entering dungeons, you will fail to enter a dungeon instead of the game being unprogressable when the bug occurred.
- Fixed a bug that the message of "Dungeon Clear" would be displayed when you cleared a cave.

It’s good to see that they are keeping their roadmap intact and opening up the new biomes and features on a good schedule. Hopefully, this means that next month the rest of the map will be open and we get to truly experience the full Seamless World as it was planned.

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