Craftopia Update Seamless Brigandine Valley

Craftopia Seamless World July 2023 Update Released

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This morning PocketPair the developers of Craftopia and PalWorld released the first scheduled update to the Craftopia Seamless World. This update is named the Brigandine Valley update.

Brigandine Valley update released for Craftopia

This major update not only opens up a new section of the map but also brings in more features and a ton of bug fixes. Below is the patch notes.

Patch notes for the Brigandine Valley update:

◆ Critical Bug Fixes and Improvements
- Fixed a bug where the coordinates and connection destinations of pipelines and module installations were not correctly synchronized when joining in the middle of multiplayer. We have confirmed that there is still a problem with the IP connection, which will be fixed soon.

◆ Newly Added Content
- Added rewards for offering soul orbs to Anubis.
- "Rare leather", which is an advanced material for leather, now rarely drops from dangerous animals such as bears and crocodiles.
- "Sorting Machine", "Three-Way Sorting Machine", "Distributor", and "Three-Way Distributor", which were temporarily closed, have been released again.
- Added a stump of cherry blossom.
- Added new missions. You can check it from the mission screen.
- The cave, which had been sealed, is now unlocked! It's dangerous to enter the cave but you might acquire rewards based on its danger level...?

◆ Balance Adjustments
- We have changed the materials required for building the "Wedge Tower" and evolving in each era.
- Adjusted the hitbox of the Lizard Gunner's attack.
- NPC "Camille" has been removed from biomes other than the plateau due to the review of the main quest.
Quests that are currently in progress will be temporarily suspended.
- Changed the quests that can be accepted from the plateau NPC "Camille".
- Due to the change in the age evolution material of "Wedge Tower", the items obtained in the dungeon's treasure chest have been changed.
- In "Casual" difficulty, you won't lose your money if no item drop on death is enabled.
◆ Functional Improvements
- Changed the backup save system. After the change, you will be able to restore the game progress from up to 12 backup data from 5 minutes to 12 hours before the play time.
- The texture quality of 3D models is now less likely to drop than before when 'Texture quality' under 'Graphics' is set to medium or higher in the settings screen.
- Added grasses to the places where grasses are supposed to grow. We'll continously add grasses to the world.
- Added some artificial objects such as fences to streets.
- When the restoration of the "Wedge Tower" is completed, the location of the materials necessary for the age evolution in the biome where the tower is located will now be displayed on the map.
- A new biome, Brigandine Valley, has been unlocked.
- With the opening of Brigandine Valley, a new dungeon, "Old Garden of Massacre," has been opened.
- With the opening of Brigandine Valley, you'll be able to evolve into a new age and increase the items you can craft.
- Matched the skeleton of cloth clothes ♂ and cloth clothes ♀ to the skeleton in a state of wearing nothing. This fix fixes issues such as the thick neck. We will continue to modify the skeleton of pre-seamless equipment.
- Light Armor Red ♂ and Light Armor Black ♂ have been matched to the new skeleton structure.
- Furniture "Lantern" is now named "Placeable Lantern".
- Fixed a bug where the correct material was not set for "Assault Rifle I".
- Added more types of buildings that leave a "broken chest" when destroyed.
- Buildings in operation have been changed so that they do not cause placement errors.
- Buildings with chests inside will now leave a "broken chest" when the placement error occurs.
- Added effects to the excavator.
- Improved the pipeline that carries in to the livestock farm so that it only carries "livestock feed".
- Pipelines exiting livestock farms have been improved so that only the production of the livestock farms is taken out of the pipeline.
- Improved so that the number can be specified up to 4 digits when scrolling enchantment fragments.
- A max button has been added to the number of scrolls exchanged with enchantment fragments.
- Fixed the position of some faces.
- Changed the camera position when aiming the bow so that the horizontal deviation of the arrow firing position and the reticle is suppressed as much as possible.
- A message will now be displayed when the werewolf transformation by Full Moon's skill is canceled during warp.
- We have increased the base volume of the entire game. Currently, environmental sounds are included in the sound effect settings, but we plan to add a function that allows you to set environmental sounds individually.
*Please pay attention to the volume when starting up for the first time.
- Removed the sound effect at the start of the game.
- Added "Environmental Sound" to Audio Settings.
- Some of the scenes after character creation have been improved.
- You can now skip the visual tutorial with the Esc key even in the middle of the tutorial.
- In the backup restore selection UI, the data character total level has been changed to total play time. Old backups show NaN, but newly saved data shows fine.
◆ Network
- Fixed a bug in multiplayer where when other players were in a dark state, the player would also be in a dark state.
◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where the priority order of the mouse-over display layout was incorrect in the inventory and chest UIs.
- Fixed a bug that showed the dialogue that suggested you restart a game to apply the MOD changes even though you didn't change any MOD settings.
- Fixed an issue where pressing ESC while playing the game would sometimes cause the menu display sound to be heard and the menu not to be displayed.
- Fixed a bug that some trees were placed in midair.
- Fixed so that distant treasure chests are more visible.
- Fixed a bug where the fire/ice effects surrounding the "Soul Orb" were not displayed.
- Fixed a bug where the flame effect of "One-Handed Torch" would remain if a bow was equipped after equipping "One-Handed Torch".
- Fixed a bug that made arrows unusable.
- Fixed a bug with the effect of "Arrow of Gigantes".
- Fixed a bug where ammo disappeared when reloading while equipped with ammo that was less than the ammunition capacity of the gun.
- Fixed a problem in which, when using an item that restores both satiety and HP at the same time, if the maximum HP was lowered due to a decrease in satiety, the item would only restore the maximum HP at the time of the decrease, even if the maximum HP was restored by the restoration of satiety; the same applies to MP.
- Fixed a problem where the items 'rubber boots with holes', 'tattered tyres' and 'rusty cans' were classified as 'valuable items'. From now on, they will be treated as 'items for money'.
- Fixed a bug where the item "Gold Ore" and "Platinum Ore" had an incorrect description.
- Fixed a bug where "Torch" was displayed after using a glider while equipped with a two-handed weapon.
- Fixed an issue where the icon was not visible when dropping Ancient Doll Fragment items. With this fix, you can now see the fragments of ancient dolls spawning in the field.
- Fixed an issue where some materials for restoring the Tower of Giza Plateau were displayed as "relics".
- Fixed a bug that caused 'rotating saws' at a certain distance from the player to ignore the 'virtual wall' and move forward.
- Fixed a bug that the sound effect of installation of Pipeline would be played forever if you attached Pipeline (Entrance) and Pipeline (Exit) to the same object.
- Fixed a bug that made items disappear when you attached Pipeline to Refinery.
- Fixed an issue where the number of dishes crafted with a large pot was incorrect, and the probability of inheriting enchantments from ingredients was incorrect.
- Fixed a bug that caused field crops to not sync properly in multiplayer.
- Fixed a bug where "Graves" and "Broken Chests" would take damage, and when destroyed, would change to new "Broken Chests".
- Fixed a bug where items could not be stopped when the receiving chest connected by the pipeline was full, and the items being transported would disappear.
- Fixed a bug that doubled the amount of completed items during crafting of workbench buildings when restarting the game.
- Fixed a bug where smelter chests were not animating
- Fixed a bug that the sorting machine does not work properly when the orientation is reversed.
- Fixed an issue that allowed multiplayer guests to pick up smelters containing items.
- Fixed a bug that caused the layout to collapse when the number of digits or font size was large on the screen for scrolling enchantment fragments.
- Fixed a bug where enchantment numbers that increase ATK and MAT with reference to DEF were larger than expected. *There is no change in the actual amount of increase. Currently, we have confirmed the problem that the 1's place is wrong when displayed. It will be fixed soon.
- Fixed a bug in the function that aligns the feet along the ground.
- Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in tanks when dismounting.
- Fixed a bug with cannons where depending on the direction the player was being shot, they would re-enter the cannon the moment they exited.
- Fixed a bug that the amount of EXP you gained while playing as races "Elf" or "Demon" was falsibly decreased than the intended settings.
- Fixed an issue that caused enemies and vehicles to stand on the surface of the river instead of sinking.
- Fixed an issue where trying to capture an enemy with a balloon attached to it with a prism would forcefully fail to capture it.
Along with this, if you try to capture an enemy with a module attached to it with a prism, the module will drop on the spot.
- Adjusted the conditions which cause monsters to drown.
- Fixed an issue that prevented flying gryphons from dying.
- Fixed a bug that caused Noble Frog to stop acting after just attacking.
- Fixed a bug that caused quest marks to appear on pet npc.
- Fixed a bug where charmed Lizard Ax would attack the player.
- Fixed a bug that caused some captured mobs to transform into different mobs when restarting the game.
- Fixed a bug where the BGM would remain in combat even if there were no hostile mobs nearby.
- Fixed a bug that the quest target indicator pointed towards a pet NPC in a distant.
- Fixed a bug that the floor panel, that would be lowered down while a player character standing on it, would not be triggered when a guest player stood on it in multiplayer.
- Fixed an issue where the Altar of Trials would appear uncleared when restarting the game near an Altar of Trials that had already been cleared.
- Fixed a bug that the barrier in the treasure chest room disappeared when infiltrating the grinding dungeon for the second time or later.
- Fixed an issue where treasure chests in grinding dungeons sometimes disappeared during multiplayer.
- Fixed an issue where the updraft effect was not displayed in some "Glide Trials".
- Fixed a bug in "Old Garden of Undead" that caused players to return from some inappropriate locations.
- Fixed an issue where treasure chests in grinding dungeons could disappear.
- Fixed a bug that the skill "Rotating Strike" didn't say that you could use the skill while equipping "Spear".
- Fixed a bug that the effect of the skill "Weapon Polishing" would not be deactivated even you used some Bow skills.
- Fixed a bug where the sound effect when opening treasure chests sometimes did not apply the volume setting.
- Fixed a bug where the sound effect when opening a dungeon door would sometimes not apply the volume setting.
- Fixed a bug where volume settings were sometimes not applied to thunder sound effects.
- Fixed a bug that the sound effect of poison could be heard no matter how far it was.
- Fixed a bug that caused the sound effects of lightning strikes to ignore the volume setting.
- Fixed a bug where the sound effects from the waterfall in the "Labyrinth of Torrent" dungeon could be heard regardless of the volume setting.
- Fixed a bug that the difficulty of the world and the game mode would not be displayed correctly when you opened the world setting screen via home screen for the first time
- Fixed a bug that the adjustment of the drawing distance of grass was not reflected.
- Fixed a bug where the layout collapsed when a large number was entered on the creative settings screen.
- Fixed a bug where custom difficulty settings were not reflected when creating a new world.
- Fixed a bug that caused the position of the head equipment to shift from the adjusted position when using VRoid.
- Fixed an issue where birds would sing even when it was raining.
- Fixed a bug where a single press of the L2 R2 buttons were applied multiple times while using a controller.
- Fixed a bug that the gamepad does not vibrate.
- Fixed a bug where unnecessary UI appeared in the equipment list.
- We have applied translations to UI etc. where some translations were not done. Part of the application has not been completed yet, but we plan to respond to these as well.
- Fixed a bug where the slate exchange UI overlapped and became difficult to see when the font size was large.
- Fixed a bug where the UI decoration on the restore from backup screen covered the text.

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