Craftopia Seamless World Map Cover

Craftopia Seamless World Map – Geezah Plateau

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Now that the Seamless World update has been released we can finally see just how big this map is. Long gone is the days of island hopping and now you have one large area to explore. So what does the map look like?

Craftopia Seamless World Map as of July 8th 2023

Craftopia Seamless World Map as of July 8th 2023
Craftopia Seamless World Map as of July 8th 2023

The area in black has not been implemented yet so the map you see here today is what has been unlocked to this point. This map will change as they release updates and unlock more content for the game.

As I play more and more of the game and understand where everything is I will release parts of the maps with descriptive legends. The first one is the Geezah Plateau. You start in this area when you emerge from the starter cave.

The Geezah Plateau contains the following highlights:

  • Starter Village
  • Dungeon of the Beginning (Satyr boss)
  • Tower of Geezah Plateau
  • Anubis Floating Island
Geezah Plateau Map with Legend

Anubis Floating Island

One of the more important areas to find is Anubis’ floating island. Just as with the original island maps a “good” Anubis is located on his floating island ready to help you along your journey.

Slates of growth are still a thing in the Seamless map but to earn them, not only will you get them from defeating dungeons, but also by completing Anubis’ Trials scattered around the map.

But a new addition is soul orbs. These golden shiny orbs are hidden all around the map and you can turn them into Anubis for additional rewards.

Tower of Geezah Plateau

As you work on the archaeologist’s quests she will ask you to repair a tower across the lake. The tower you repair is crucial to advancing in the game. Once you repair the tower the archeologist will give you a Key of Evolution which will allow you to advance ages.

Previously you would use the Altar of Civilization but you can no longer craft this and the Towers scattered across the map will be the place to advance to the next Age.

This article is a work in progress and more details will be added as time permits. For up-to-date information and videos on the Craftopia Seamless World check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel: Year of the Dad Gaming