Craftopia Seamless World Hot Fix July 7 2023

Craftopia Seamless World Update Recap 7/7/2023

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Now that we have the Seamless World Update released, the community has already found a good amount of bugs and balancing issues. To combat these issues PocketPair has been doing frequent hotfixes and patches to address the problems.

There was a critical bug fix around Saving and Exit. So please read the patch notes carefully to make sure you don’t corrupt your save file.

Instead of writing a post every day with the released patch, I will recap all the updates that happened for the week and put the release notes here so you can follow along. The version number usually includes the date it was pushed to Steam (or the day before).

Craftopia Patch Notes for v20230701.0142

◆ Newly Added Content
- New items have been added. You can get ""Gigantes' Bow"" and ""Gigantes' Arrow"" from high-level Gigantes Ballista, and ""Gigantes' Halberd"" from high-level Gigantes Hoplon! Thank you so many users for enjoying Gigantes!

◆ Balance Adjustments
- We have improved the laser reflection puzzle in ""Labyrinth of Torrent"" to make it easier to understand.
- Adjusted the height and width to make it easier to ride the updraft in ""Hunter's Ruins"".
- Adjusted the questing areas in the early quests to make it easier to understand.
- Fixed UI etc. where some translations were not applied.
In addition, if untranslated parts are found, we plan to make corrections one by one. 
- Reduced the number of lasers in the room in the Hunter's Ruins where the door closes when touched by a laser.

◆ Functional Improvements
- The terrain of the starting point was revised.
- Reduced instances of players being pushed by pets.
- The position of the switch for disarming the barrier has been improved to make it easier to find.
As a result of this adjustment, players who have already deactivated the barrier will also have their barrier restored.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please re-deactivate it if necessary.
- Optimized the English names for ""Drilling"". Should now be easier to understand.
- Optimized some of the English text in item descriptions and NPC conversations.
Some translations are still using machine translation, but we are improving them.

◆ Network
- We have added a workaround to the multiplayer connection UI to address the issues reported to us. We plan to address the connection difficulties separately.

◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where other players' stored energy (formerly ""drilling"") could be obtained during multiplayer.
- Adjusted the price of the items which were sold at a wrong price in some villages.
- Fixed a bug where the collision of a construction placed and removed in multiplayer remained.
- Fixed an issue where treasure chests could not be opened in mutliplayer.
- Fixed an issue where pet goblins were unable to attack properly.
- Fixed a bug that prevented pet gremlins from attacking properly.

Craftopia Patch Notes for v20230703.1925

◆ Bug Fixes
- Introduced mitigation for save data corruption issue.
- Corrected the icon of the item ""Refinery"" to the correct one.
- Changed the contents of treasure chests in some dungeons.
- Fixed a bug where ""graves"" could be created underwater.
- Fixed multi-guest not being able to talk to NPCs when mutliplayer host is not loaded.
- Fixed UI etc. where some translations were not applied. In addition, if untranslated parts are found, we plan to make corrections one by one. 

Craftopia Patch Notes for v20230704.193

Critical Bug Fixes and Improvements
Fixed a bug that save data may be corrupted when ""Save and Quit"" is selected.
Please note that with this fix, if you force quit the game without selecting ""Save and exit"" or ""Save and return to title"", your save data will not be able to save.

◆ Balance Adjustments
Some enchantments were set to different values than expected, so they were adjusted.

◆ Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where quest-related item chests were not resetting correctly in multiplayer.

Craftopia Patch Notes for v20230706.2250

◆ Critical Bug Fixes and Improvements
- Fixed a bug where some soul orbs in ""Owatatsu Islands"" could be obtained repeatedly.
- Fixed a bug that some buildings built on specific locations would be deconstructed and become items when you started a game.
- Added the ""Join via Invite Code"" feature that allows you to join Multiplayer with 6 digits Invite Code.
We've heard some players could join Multiplayer with this feature while they couldn't do so with other methods. Please give it a try.
- Fixed a bug that loading screen could freeze when 2 or more players tried connecting to join Multiplayer at the same time.
- Fixed a bug that duplicated player instances every time you opened a list of Multiplayer.

◆ Balance Adjustments
- Added a non-duplicate setting because some enchantments were exhibiting unintended performance.

◆ Functional Improvements
- Removed the blur effect from distant enemies.
- Added a few foxes to the Owatatsu Islands.
- You will be able to obtain multiple quest items from treasure chests at the same time. 
- Fixed some partially translated text. In the future, if untranslated parts are found, we plan to make corrections one by one. 

◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue in which the performance of the Amulet of All-Purpose Lv1 was incorrectly set.
- Fixed a bug where the ""Hollow Point"" attribute was incorrectly set.
- Introduced a mitigation measure for a bug that prevents progress when warping or fast traveling.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the game to become inoperable at the start of the game.
- Fixed a bug where some NPCs were not displaying the correct text.
- Fixed an issue where treasure chests would sometimes disappear after defeating bosses in Grinding Dungeons.