Craftopia Seamless Merchant Smith Items

Craftopia Seamless World – Merchant Smith Items

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As you travel through the new Craftopia Seamless World you will find different Merchant Smiths scattered in each village. Every village should contain two Merchant Smiths.

One should sell items for Gold and the other should trade items for specific crops. As you progress through the map the traders will have better items to trade but the amount of gold or type of crop will increase.

In your first village, one of the traders will trade you items and blueprints for potatoes.

Craftopia Seamless World Merchant Smith Items
Craftopia Seamless World Merchant Smith Items

Below is a list of all the traders and their locations and what you can buy from them. As of this date (12/7/2023), there is no trader in the village near the tower in Sherbert Iceberg.

LocationType of Merchant Item Cost
Geezah PlateauGold traderLog 10
Geezah PlateauGold traderStone 10
Geezah PlateauGold traderOld Rag 10
Geezah PlateauGold traderBranch Arrow 10
Geezah PlateauGold traderBroad Sword 100
Geezah PlateauGold traderRapier 500
Geezah PlateauGold traderCrutch 500
Geezah PlateauGold traderBokken 500
Geezah PlateauGold traderZweihander 500
Geezah PlateauGold traderPitchfork 500
Geezah PlateauGold traderBread 25
Geezah PlateauGold traderCooked Fish 100
Geezah PlateauGold traderSteak 100
Geezah PlateauGold traderSmall Life Potion 100
Geezah PlateauGold traderWooden Arrow 20
Geezah PlateauGold traderPotato Seed 50
Geezah PlateauGold traderHoverboard 700
Geezah PlateauGold traderTelepotion 100
Geezah PlateauGold traderLantern 500
Geezah PlateauPotato traderBlueprint of Planter 25
Geezah PlateauPotato traderBlueprint of Well 50
Geezah PlateauPotato traderPotato Seed 1
Geezah PlateauPotato traderSeed Paddy (rice) 5
Geezah PlateauPotato traderFarming plot 50
Geezah PlateauPotato traderEXP Potion 100 ml 50
Millwind HillGold traderLog 50
Millwind HillGold traderStone 50
Millwind HillGold traderOld Rag 50
Millwind HillGold traderWooden Arrow 10
Millwind HillGold traderMachete 1000
Millwind HillGold traderKiller Bow 1000
Millwind HillGold traderSteel Partisan 1000
Millwind HillGold traderMagic Staff 1000
Millwind HillGold traderUchigatana 1000
Millwind HillGold traderBastard Sword 1000
Millwind HillGold traderSmall Life Potion 100
Millwind HillGold traderSmall Mana Potion 100
Millwind HillGold traderTelepotion 100
Millwind HillGold traderIron Arrow 15
Millwind HillPaddy (Rice) traderBlueprints of Reaping Machine 25
Millwind HillPaddy (Rice) traderBlueprints of Seed Extractor 100
Millwind HillPaddy (Rice) traderSeed Paddy (rice) 1
Millwind HillPaddy (Rice) traderBean Seed 1
Millwind HillPaddy (Rice) traderCabbage Seed 5
Millwind HillPaddy (Rice) traderFarming Plot 25
Millwind HillPaddy (Rice) traderEXP Potion 100 ml 25
Yarden Meadow's MountainGold TraderLog 50
Yarden Meadow's MountainGold TraderStone 50
Yarden Meadow's MountainGold TraderOld Rag 50
Yarden Meadow's MountainGold TraderStraw 50
Yarden Meadow's MountainGold TraderCutlass 1500
Yarden Meadow's MountainGold TraderGlaive 1500
Yarden Meadow's MountainGold TraderBudded Staff 1500
Yarden Meadow's MountainGold TraderNodachi 1500
Yarden Meadow's MountainGold TraderKnight's sword 1500
Yarden Meadow's MountainGold TraderCopper Ingot 50
Yarden Meadow's MountainGold TraderSilver arrow 20
Yarden Meadow's MountainGold TraderMedium Life Potion 500
Yarden Meadow's MountainGold TraderMedium Mana Potion 500
Yarden Meadow's MountainCabbage TraderBlueprint of Livestock Farm 50
Yarden Meadow's MountainCabbage TraderBlueprint of Breeding Facility S 50
Yarden Meadow's MountainCabbage TraderCabbage Seed 1
Yarden Meadow's MountainCabbage TraderApple Seed 2
Yarden Meadow's MountainCabbage TraderTomato Seed 5
Yarden Meadow's MountainCabbage TraderFarming Plot 5
Yarden Meadow's MountainCabbage TraderSheep Wool 1
Yarden Meadow's MountainCabbage TraderBird Feather 1
Yarden Meadow's MountainCabbage TraderSulfur 2
Yarden Meadow's MountainCabbage TraderCrystal 2
Yarden Meadow's MountainCabbage TraderPoisonous Mushroom 2
Yarden Meadow's MountainCabbage TraderEXP Potion 500ml 100
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderHelicopter 100000
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderBuggy 10000
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderMotorcycle 5000
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderHot Air Balloon 5000
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderWheel 500
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderEngine Parts 500
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderFuel Tank 500
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderBolt 100
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderSpring 100
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderCeramic 100
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderChill Arrow 50
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderPoisonous Arrow 50
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderFire Arrow 50
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderSulfur 50
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderCrystal 50
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderElemental Dust 50
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderPoisonous Mushroom 250
Yarden Meadow's RuinGold TraderBiplane 500000
Yarden Meadow's RuinCabbage traderCabbage Seed 1
Yarden Meadow's RuinCabbage traderChili Pepper Seed 1
Yarden Meadow's RuinCabbage traderTomato Seed 5
Yarden Meadow's RuinCabbage traderBlack Gunpowder 2
Yarden Meadow's RuinCabbage traderGrenade 5
Yarden Meadow's RuinCabbage traderBioethanol 2
Yarden Meadow's RuinCabbage traderScrap Parts 5
Yarden Meadow's RuinCabbage traderElectronic Circuit 5
Yarden Meadow's RuinCabbage traderEngine Parts 5
Yarden Meadow's RuinCabbage traderFuel Tank 5
Yarden Meadow's RuinCabbage traderWheel 5
Yarden Meadow's RuinCabbage traderEXP Potion 1000ml 200
Yarden Meadow's RuinCabbage traderMechanics Cargo for Men 50
Yarden Meadow's RuinCabbage traderHelicopter 800
Yarden Meadow's RuinCabbage traderBuggy 200
Owatatsu ArchipelagoGold TraderKukri 5000
Owatatsu ArchipelagoGold TraderHalberd 5000
Owatatsu ArchipelagoGold TraderSorcerer's Staff 5000
Owatatsu ArchipelagoGold TraderKotetsu 5000
Owatatsu ArchipelagoGold TraderClaymore 5000
Owatatsu ArchipelagoGold TraderIron Ingot 80
Owatatsu ArchipelagoGold TraderSilver Arrow 25
Owatatsu ArchipelagoGold TraderMedium Life Potion 500
Owatatsu ArchipelagoGold TraderMedium Mana Potion 500
Owatatsu ArchipelagoTomato TraderBlueprint of Sprinkler 100
Owatatsu ArchipelagoTomato TraderBlueprint of Medium Sized Planter 50
Owatatsu ArchipelagoTomato TraderTomato Seed 1
Owatatsu ArchipelagoTomato TraderPumpkin Seed 5
Owatatsu ArchipelagoTomato TraderGrape Seed 5
Owatatsu ArchipelagoTomato TraderFarming Plot 1
Owatatsu ArchipelagoTomato TraderHell Pepper 10
Owatatsu ArchipelagoTomato TraderSnow Mint 10
Owatatsu ArchipelagoTomato TraderBright Red Herb 10
Owatatsu ArchipelagoTomato TraderUltramarine Herb 10
Owatatsu ArchipelagoTomato TraderEXP Potion 1000ml 150
Brigadine ValleyGold TraderGladius 8000
Brigadine ValleyGold TraderComposite Bow 8000
Brigadine ValleyGold TraderCross Lance 8000
Brigadine ValleyGold TraderSage's Staff 8000
Brigadine ValleyGold TraderDotanuki 8000
Brigadine ValleyGold TraderEstoc 8000
Brigadine ValleyGold TraderSilver Ingot 100
Brigadine ValleyGold TraderGold Arrow 100
Brigadine ValleyGold TraderMedium Life Potion 500
Brigadine ValleyGold TraderMedium Mana Potion 500
Brigadine ValleyPumpkin TraderBlueprint of Sprinkler 100
Brigadine ValleyPumpkin TraderBlueprint of Medium Sized Planter 50
Brigadine ValleyPumpkin TraderPumpkin Seed 1
Brigadine ValleyPumpkin TraderGrape Seed 5
Brigadine ValleyPumpkin TraderFarming Plot 1
Brigadine ValleyPumpkin TraderHell Pepper 10
Brigadine ValleyPumpkin TraderSnow Mint 10
Brigadine ValleyPumpkin TraderBright Red Herb 10
Brigadine ValleyPumpkin TraderUltramarine Herb 10

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