stone vs skilled furnace craftopia

Craftopia Stone Furnace vs Skilled Furnace

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Craftopia Stone Furnace vs Skilled Furnace

Stone vs Skilled Furnace Updated 3/28/2022

In Craftopia one of the first items you need to craft is a stone furnace. The stone furnace can convert your metal ores into ingots which are needed to craft weapons at a blacksmith and other materials.

As you advance ages you will need to build a skilled furnace. But what advantages does a skilled furnace give you over a stone furnace? Well, let’s take a look at the comparison table.

Stone FurnaceSkilled FurnaceItemMaterials
YesYesCharcoal1 Log
YesYesCeramic2 Clay
2 Log
YesYesAluminum Ingot1 Bauxite
YesYesHeavy Steel Ingot1 Steel Ingot
1 Rare Metal
YesYesShape Memory Alloy1 Titanium Ingot
1 Rare Metal
YesYesCopper Ingot1 Copper Ore
YesYesIron Ingot1 Iron Ore
YesYesSilver Ingot1 Silver Ore
YesYesSteel Ingot5 Iron Ingot
YesYesTitanium Ingot1 Titanium Ore
YesYesGold Ingot1 Gold Ore
YesYesPlatinum Ingot1 Platinum
YesYesColored Glass5 Sand
YesYesRefining Stone Fragment1 Stone
1 Iron Ore
1 Silver Ore
YesYesLow Grade Refining Stone10 Refining Stone Fragment
NoYesDiamond Ingot1 Diamond
NoYesObsidian Ingot1 Obsidian
NoYesHardened Platinum Alloy1 Platinum Ingot
1 Rare Metal
1 Chemicals
NoYesElemental Ingot1 Platinum Ingot
1 Elemental Dust

Yep, that’s it for now. The only difference between a skilled furnace and a stone furnace is you can craft diamond ingots on a skilled furnace. Hopefully, as they add improvements to the game they may add some more items that need to be crafted only on a skilled furnace.

I would expect maybe they will fix this so that you have to use a skilled furnace to craft shape memory alloys or heavy steel ingots. That would make sense to me. But it might just be an oversight on the developer’s part until they get everything worked out.

UPDATE: There have been a few additions to the Skilled Furnace. Added obsidian ingot, hardened platinum alloy, and elemental ingot. Also, the Skilled Furnace can craft ingots 25% faster than a stone furnace.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments or drop a comment on the video on Youtube.


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