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Craftopia wheat field plot stacking to auto farm bioethanol

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Craftopia wheat field plot stacking to auto farm bioethanol

In Craftopia the creators gave you some really ingenious ways to automate resource retrieval. You have conveyor belts, automatic cookers, and can auto craft when you properly use connectors.

Here is a strategy to stack wheat plots and you can auto harvest the wheat and eventually convert that wheat into bioethanol.

Why would we want to farm bioethanol in Craftopia?

Bioethanol is used to fuel many of the vehicles you can craft in Craftopia. It is also needed to unlock more islands as it is usually a main component to unlock the higher level islands. Bioethanol is not hard to craft but by setting up an auto farm it will go much faster and take some of the grinding out of the game.

Materials needed to craft a bioethanol farm

  • 6 wheat field (you can do more but it gets a little tricky if you are stacking)
  • 2 conveyor belts (you might be able to stack without these but this is the easiest method)
  • Sprinkler
  • Reaping Machine
  • Automatic Cooker
  • 3 Steel Chests
  • Dropper
  • 3 Absorbers
  • Aging Facility
  • Craft Connector

First, you must stack 6 wheat fields on top of each other. The easiest way to do this is to build two conveyor belts above your head side by side with the conveyors heading in the same direction.

Wheat field stacking in Craftopia to craft bioethanol

Get on top of the conveyors and place the wheat fields on the conveyor. They will drop and fall off the end and they should all stack on top of each other.

After this step, you can remove the conveyor belts. Then place a sprinkler at ground level so it can provide water to all the wheat fields.

Next place the reaping machine on top of the top wheat field. You may want to let a cycle go through to make sure all of this is working. Make sure all 6 fields are producing and getting water and that the reaping machine is harvesting all 6 fields at once.

Next place your automatic cooker by the wheat fields with the input end towards the wheat field. Then place an absorber on the top edge of the input end of the automatic cooker. This should produce a suction of the harvested wheat into the auto cooker.

Set the auto cooker to automatically create wheat bags.

On the output end of the automatic cooker place a steel chest with an absorber on it to collect all the wheat bags coming out.

Next, place an aging facility next to the steel chest about one player length away. You will then use the craft connector and place it on the steel chest (collecting wheat bags) and connect it with the aging facility. At this time when you hit X on the aging facility, you should get an option to auto craft bioethanol.

Then to auto collect it you place a dropper on the aging facility going away from the automatic cooker. Then place a steel chest with an absorber to collect the bioethanol the dropper is dropping.

You may have to play around with the setup. But the good news is that you can pick up any piece and place it again without penalty or having to craft it again. With this strategy, you should have a good stream of bioethanol flowing into your chest and not have to worry about running out.


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