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Craftopia Xbox Hotfix Update

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Craftopia on Xbox has received a hotfix update to improve the functionality of the game. In my review previously I spoke about how I could not get past the first island on my Xbox One S because every time the island would try to load in it would crash.

This is great news for those Xbox One users that were having constant crashing issues.

PocketPair just announced this morning 9/22/2021 that a new update is available. The size of the update was 2.7 GB and here are the details of what was included.

Thank you for playing Craftopia on Xbox! We've released the hotfix patch for Craftopia on Xbox today at 8:00 p.m. JST on Sep. 22nd.

Please note that this patch is only for the Xbox version of Craftopia, and the bugs below are only occurring in the Xbox version.

Here is the list of changes:
• The bug that the game crashed when you interacted with Altar of Civilization has been fixed;
• Some setting options that affected the game crashing bugs have been temporarily removed;
• The microphone setting for voice chat has been added;
• The bug that some texts were pixelated has been fixed;
• Improved the performance of processing, rendering, and memory.

For Xbox Series X/S users
This patch temporarily removes graphic settings to prevent the game from crashing on Xbox One. We've been working on the optimization for Series X. The patch to optimize performance on Series X has been under development and planned to be released on Sep. 27th at the earliest. We appreciate your patience.
And the content update for the Xbox version of Craftopia is also planned to be released within a week after Sep. 30th. We hope you'll enjoy it.

For Xbox One users
We're aware of the bugs below in the current version of Craftopia, and we're working on them to release the next patch in Sep. 24th at the earliest.
• The bug that a different character model is displayed in the opening scene right after the character creation
• The bug that the model and UI of a host player weren't displayed when you join multiplayer as a client on Xbox One
• The bug that you cannot move to another island in multiplayer when you play as a host player on Xbox one
• The bug that the tornado of Griffin cause the game crash

The release date of the planned patches might be slightly different due to the reviewing processes. Thank you for your kind understanding and your continued supports.

Craftopia Development Team

I downloaded the update and played it for about 10 minutes and can see a big difference. I confirmed that the crashing when transporting between islands is now fixed. I have also noticed that a lot of the graphics options are gone now and everything seems to be stripped back a little. I didn’t get a chance to play much so I am not certain about all the changes that happened.

This is really good news for those that have been wanting to play on consoles. And even though I was able to stream Craftopia for Game Pass in the browser and play it I would much rather play it on my console. I was noticing when my internet was strained it made the game lag a little.

I will try and play a longer session tonight and report back if I am seeing any more major issues after the patch or if the patch removed some features that make the game less enjoyable.


  1. Its choppy as hell on a new gen xbox to the point it gives some people motion sickness. Also the update was bugged and some poor folks lost some (if not all) the items in their chests.

    1. So far I haven’t lost any items. But played some more on the Xbox One S last night and although I was able to transfer to some different islands the gameplay itself was garbage. After a while, it started crashing on me like crazy. I finally just moved back to streaming the game on Chrome.

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