Craftopia secret wall in dungeon

Craftopia Game Pass Hidden Walls In Dungeons

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Craftopia secret wall in dungeons

On most islands of Craftopia, you can find dungeons scattered about. Some of those dungeons contain bosses while others have different challenges. 

But one thing that bothered me was at the beginning and end of each dungeon my detector would always tell me there was treasure nearby. I thought it was just a glitch and maybe it was detecting the exit as a treasure. This game has plenty of glitches so I ignored it for a while.

Then one day I was messing around and noticed I did damage to a wall behind the entrance with my sword. Then I pulled out my pickaxe and knocked out the wall.

Well, what do you know behind this “secret” wall was a treasure chest. Then I tried the same thing behind the exit and there was another secret chest hidden behind the wall.

Craftopia needs some work and the dungeons leave a lot to be desired but this was a nice little secret to find out.  If you need more loot make sure you try and knock out some more walls in the dungeon areas.

Video of secret wall in Craftopia


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