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Craftopia Xbox One Hotfix Update 9/27/2021

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Another day and another Craftopia hotfix for Xbox One. I played the game some this weekend and it seemed to be getting better. But maybe your mileage will vary. Will be downloading the update today and giving it another run tonight. The main focus of this update is to fix stuttering which was a big issue most players were having.

And it looks like another content update will come within a week or so. As soon as I get details of the content update I will do another writeup. Let me know if you are having better luck with this update in the comments below.


Thank you for playing Craftopia on Xbox! We'll release the hotfix patch for Craftopia on Xbox today at 10:00 p.m. JST on Sep. 27th. This patch mainly focuses on the gameplay improvement on Xbox Series X/S and will improve the performance of the Xbox version of Craftopia.

Here is the list of changes:
• The bug that the movement of the camera and the player character was stuttering has been fixed;
• The bug that the physics-related movement of the player character was unintentionally wrong has been fixed.

We're aware of the bugs below in the current version of Craftopia, and we're working on them.
• The bug that the content inside of chests sometimes disappear
• The bug that the game crashes under specific circumstances
• The game runs slow due to the heavy load of Griffin's tornadoes

And the content update for the Xbox version of Craftopia is also planned to be released within a week after Sep. 30th. We hope you'll enjoy it. The release date of the planned patches might be slightly different due to the reviewing processes.

Thank you for your patience and your continued supports.
Craftopia Development Team

Update after downloading

Insert sad face here

After downloading the update on my Xbox One S I was greeted with the above. It resolved itself but I didn’t have high hopes. I started playing for about 10 minutes and things seemed to be normal. Then the stuttering and lag started again and the game crashed.

I gave it one more shot but after about 10 more minutes of playtime, the game crashed again. I gave up for the night after that.

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