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Craftopia Xbox One Hotfix Update 9/24/2021

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It looks like PocketPair has announced another hotfix for the Xbox One. This is good news as they are trying to fix some immediate issues that have been plaguing the game. The bad news is the fix isn’t going to help what was junked up for Xbox Series X/S users.

It is also mentioned that a hotfix for Xbox Series X/S will be coming on September 27th. So hold tight Craftopia fans. Hopefully, they will get this all resolved quickly and make the game a little more enjoyable.

Full details of what this is going to do and their plan for the next week or so.

Thank you for playing Craftopia on Xbox! We'll release the hotfix patch for Craftopia on Xbox today at 10:00 p.m. JST on Sep. 24th. Please note that this patch is only for the Xbox version of Craftopia and will increase the stability in multiplayer and fix the bugs occurring on Xbox One.

For Xbox One users
Here is the list of changes:
• The bug that a different character model was displayed in the opening scene right after the character creation has been fixed;
• The bug that the model and UI of a host player weren't displayed when you join multiplayer as a client on Xbox One has been fixed;
• The bug that you couldn't move to another island in multiplayer when you played as a host player on Xbox one has been fixed.

For Xbox Series X/S users
We've been working on the optimization for Xbox Series X/S. The patch to optimize performance on Series X/S has been under development and planned to be released on Sep. 27th at the earliest. We appreciate your patience.
And the content update for the Xbox version of Craftopia is also planned to be released within a week after Sep. 30th. We hope you'll enjoy it.
The release date of the planned patches might be slightly different due to the reviewing processes.

This patch also changes the behavior of online play for all Xbox series. In order to provide you with the secured online play, you may need to change the privacy setting before you join multiplayer.
If you block community creations in the privacy setting, you should follow the instructions below and restart a game.
1. Change [Privacy & online safety]->[Xbox privacy]->[View details & customize]->[Game content]->[You can see and upload community creations] to [Everyone]
2. Restart a game and now you can join multiplayer

We're aware of the bugs below in the current version of Craftopia, and we're working on them.
• The bug that the content inside of chests sometimes disappear
• The bug that the game crashes under specific circumstances
• The game runs slow due to the heavy load of Griffin's tornadoes

Sorry for any inconveniences you've faced, and thank you for your patience and your continued supports.
Craftopia Development Team

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