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Craftopia Xbox Patch 11/10/2021

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Another day another Craftopia Xbox Patch. This time they are trying to address the save issue again and add some graphic settings to help alleviate some frame rate issues. The size of the update is 4.2 GB on Xbox.

On my Xbox One S I turned down the rendering resolution to .6 and the Render Distance down to about 200 and the framerate issues were better. Now the game doesn’t look as good but it is playable. Although when I went to an area with lots of automation the framerates got choppy again.

If you are craving to play this on an older Xbox you might give it a go. Otherwise, I would wait for another patch to improve performance.

New Xbox Graphic Settings for Craftopia
New Xbox Graphic Settings for Craftopia
Thank you for playing the Xbox version of Craftopia.
We've just released the patch for the Xbox version of Craftopia at 19:00 JST on Nov. 10th today.

Here's the list of changes:
• Save data backup is now supported
• Added some graphic settings
    1. Rendering Resolution
    2. Render Distance
    3. Toggle Shadows

You can make backup of your save data to restore it later from this patch. We're terribly sorry for those who have experienced the problems with the save data.

We've prioritized the save data issues to work on. If you experience the save data issues, please let us know with detailed information such as which platform and which version you play, and what action you perform right before the issue occurs.

Thank you for your patience and your continued supports.

Craftopia Development Team

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