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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising How to Complete the 29th Quest

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising How to Complete the 29th Main Quest

After the Truth 

After completing the 28th Main Quest you will be back in the Plaza. Head to the Residential District and go to your base.

This will be a long cutscene filled with lots of info and exposition about that story.

Next, you need to head back to the Plaza to talk to Shiva about the Clock Tower.

After talking to Shiva you need to head to Outlander Lane and talk to Tatara.

After a brief conversation with Tatara, you need to head back to the Clock Tower in the Plaza.

You will have another conversation with Shiva and Tatara in the Clock Tower, then you will need to find Awamuri.

Head to Sarita’s Tavern to ask about Awamuri.

Once you get to Sarita’s Tavern she will suggest you find his wife Preta who lives in the residential district. Head to the Residential District Interior and talk to Preta.

After a heated conversation with Preta, she tells you that Awamuri is probably hiding somewhere.

Head to the Rune Quarter to find Awamuri. You will find him hiding behind a barrel next to a wagon.

After talking with Awamuri you will need to head to Second Street. Find Squash and talk to him.

After you get the piece from Squash you need to go talk to Tatara on Outlander Lane.

Tatara will repair the gear and then you need to head back to the Plaza and talk to Shiva to tell him the gear is fixed.

This will be the final chance to complete side missions before the final quests of the game. Once you tell Shiva all the repairs are complete you cannot do any more side quests. 

This is a good time to finish up any side quests and make sure your gear is maxed out and you have plenty of healing potions to prepare for the final quests.

Once you talk to Shiva this final time and get transported back into the Runebarows this will complete the 29th Main Quest – After the Truth.

Reward: None

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