how to refine weapons in craftopia

How to refine weapons in Craftopia

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One of the things in Craftopia that seems to be a mystery is refining weapons. When you first start with the tutorial mission to refine a weapon it seems pretty simple. 

  • Craft some refining fragments
  • Build a refinery
  • Place the fragment in the middle section
  • Place the weapon to be refined in the end
  • Place the weapon to be used on the other end
  • Wait

When you do this it seems pretty simple. Right? When you are refining low-level weapons yes this is a simple straightforward process. But when you are ready to start refining weapons that are higher in strength and rarity it becomes more complicated. Let’s cover the basics first.

Skill Refinery VS Refinery – How to Refine Weapons

Basics of weapon refinement

First, let’s start with a standard refining table. You place the refining table and now you are going to face the refining table on the side with the three chests. Let’s break down what each of those chests is for.

Left chest (chest with only a sword on it)

Refining Material Weapon (Left) Chest
Refining Material Weapon (Left) Chest

This chest is for the weapon you are going to sacrifice (refining material weapon). It is the weapon that will be used up when the refining process happens. Make sure you only put weapons in here that you no longer will need and are ready to use in the refining process. 

The weapon must match the output weapon but does not need the exact same enchants. Only the base name needs to match. For example, if your goal/output weapon is a Gladius II then your sacrifice weapon must also be a Gladius II. A Gladius I or Gladius III will not work.

A recent update increased the number of slots to put the refining weapon in.

Middle chest (chest with a gem on it)

 Refining Stone (Middle) Chest
Refining Stone (Middle) Chest

The middle chest is where your refining fragments or stones will go. I always recommend you just start using this as a collecting point anytime you collect refining stones.

Right chest (chest with a sword and plus sign on it)

  Chest for Refining Weapon (Right)
Chest for Refining Weapon (Right)

This is the goal or output weapon slot. This is the weapon you want any bonuses to apply to.
Each level of refinement will add 3 ATK and 3 MATK to the goal weapon. Most of your weapons can be refined to what is called Kai +99. 

What is Kai?

Kai +99 Lorelei
Kai +99 Lorelei

Kai is basically a secondary level of refinement. When you start refining weapons they will just be +1 for refining for each sacrificed weapon. Once you reach +99 the levels roll over to Kai and can go up to Kai +99 for most weapons. There are some weapons that max out at lower levels. For instance, the Executioner maxes out a Kai +20.

How do you get refining stones (fragments)?

The Refining Stone Fragments and Low Grade Refining Stones can be crafted at your furnace.

Refining Stone Fragment (aka Shards) requirements

  • 1 Stone
  • 1 Iron Ore
  • 1 Silver Ore

Low Grade refining stone requirements

  • 10 Refining Stone Fragment

The other levels of refining stones can be found in the following ways:

Mid Grade Refining Stone

  • Boss drops (Boss Level 1 – 59)
  • Elite Reward Bag III
  • Delivery Quests Island Levels 3 – 6

High Grade Refining Stone

  • Boss drops (Boss Level 60 – 89)
  • Elite Reward Bag IV
  • Delivery Quests Island Levels 6-7

Highest Grade Refining Stone

  • Boss drops (Boss Level 90+)
  • Delivery Quests Island Levels 6-7

How to use your weapon refinery


For this example, we will be refining an Iron Sword. You will need 2 Iron Swords and some Refining Stone fragments.

Place the sacrificial sword in the left chest, the refining stone fragments in the middle chest, and the output sword in the right chest. Once all 3 chests have the correct items the refining process should start. Once the weapon is refined you should now have an Iron Sword +1 in the output (right) chest.

How to use a skilled refinery

A skilled refinery is needed for higher-level weapons and higher-level refining stones. Once you have refined your weapon you will need to craft a skilled refinery and use it to refine the highest level weapons. The skilled refinery works exactly the same as a regular refinery.

What type of refining stone do I need?

For 1 star to 9 star rated weapons, you will need the following to refine

  • +1 to +20 requires Refining Stone Fragments
  • +21 to +40 requires Low Grade Refining Stones
  • +41 to +70 requires Mid Grade Refining Stones
  • +71 to +99 requires High Grade Refining Stones
  • Kai and above require Highest Grade Refining Stones

For 10 star rated weapons and above you will need the following to refine

  • +1 to +19 Requires High Grade Refining Stones
  • +20 and above (including Kia) requires Highest Grade Refining Stones

If you place a Kai +99 weapon in the sacrifice (left) container it will not cost any refining stones and the output (right) will now be Kai +99. 

You can also place + weapons in the sacrifice container and that number +1 will be added to the output weapon. But this process will consume the needed stones to make up the difference.

For example, if you had an Iron Sword +2 and your output Iron Sword was also +2 the end output result of refinement would be Iron Sword +5. This process would consume 3 Refining Stone Fragments.

In order to keep yourself from accidentally sacrificing a good weapon, you can lock your weapons in your inventory. This will prevent you from even moving the weapon into the sacrifice (left) container.

I hope you found this guide useful. If you found it useful please consider sharing it. And as always subscribe to our Youtube channel for more useful tips and tricks and playthrough videos.

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