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Role-Playing Games Week Recap 11/1/2021

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Role-Playing Games Week Recap 11/1/2021

Mysterious project Shaolin, more details on Skyrim Anniversary, and another Final Fantasy remaster.

Microsoft Project Shaolin details

A new RPG coming exclusively to Microsoft is being developed by Brass Lion Studios. This new studio is going to be run by some of the people that have brought you Skyrim, Fallout, Mass Effect, and Sleeping Dogs.

Reportedly it is to be a first-person fantasy RPG with perhaps an oriental setting. With the popularity of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice I can see why Microsoft would like to get a piece of that pie. And it is also rumored that the Wu-Tang clan has been tapped to help do the music. It’s unknown if they will be the sole artist to contribute or one of many.

Could this be an anime game? Could this be something to compete with Sekiro? We shall see as hopefully more details will reveal this new mystery project at Microsoft.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Anniversary Edition Upgrade Details

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Anniversary Edition Upgrade Details

Bethesda has launched a new video giving more details of what is included with the Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Here are some of the highlights from the video.

  • New huge questline – Saints and Seducers one of the largest amounts of content included in a single Creation Club creation. This will include a new quest, new weapons, new armor sets, new enemies, and more
  • Rare Curios – Khajit caravans will deliver rare and mysterious items to craft new potions, new arrows, and to create new ways to poison NPCs.
  • Survival Mode – This looks very similar to the Fallout survival mode where your character will have to eat, sleep, and watch the elements to keep your stats at 100%
  • Fishing – Catch over 20 unique aquatic species. You can keep the fish as trophies or display them as pets. There will also be fishing quests added to the game.
  • Ghosts of the Tribunal – Morrowind inspired Creation Club content
  • The Cause – Encounter the Mythic Dawn trying to form a new Oblivion Gate

Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster launches Nov 10

The release of the Pixel Remaster Final Fantasy games gets another entry on November 10. Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster will launch for PC and mobile devices on November 10th and retail for $17.99

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