Craftopia Patch and Update 11/2/2021

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Pocket Pair has announced a few more things about Craftopia over the last 24 hours. An Xbox patch and what they are working on for the next update.

A new patch for Xbox was released. This patch was to prioritize save data issues. Here are the full details of their announcement.

Thank you for playing the Xbox version of Craftopia.
We've just released the patch for the Xbox version of Craftopia at 21:00 JST on Nov. 2nd today.

Here's the list of changes:
• You can now resume the game from the background to start playing from the previous state(Quick resume is not supported yet)
• Fixed the bug that the game failed to save right after you resume the game from the background

This fix reduces the chances of getting save data initialized or reverted. We're terribly sorry for those who have experienced the problems with the save data.

We've prioritized the save data issues to work on. If you experience the save data issues, please let us know with detailed information such as which platform and which version you play, and what action you perform right before the issue occurs.

Thank you for your patience and your continued supports.

Craftopia Development Team

The team also announced some updates and new goodies for the game. Some of the major developments include a new Dungeon type, an airplane, and new weapons.

Here are the full details of what they are working on. There is no release date set for this new content but it is always good to see new content on its way.

[Development Status Report for October]
Thank you for playing Craftopia. This is the development status report for October.
We've released 5 patches since the previous major update.

▼ Major Developments
• "Mysterious Dungeon" where enemies get stronger as you climb up!
• "Airplane" the new flying vehicle!
• The new weapon type "Katana" for advanced players and oriental body equipment!

▼ Other Developments and Contents Being Prepared
[In Progress (to be released in the next update)]
• Lock-on function, new bosses, Fishery system, improvement on treasure boxes and merchants, the mission that expands Cloud Storage

▼ Other Contents in the Next Update
• New Weapons and Equipment's 16+
• New Skills 3+
• New Pets 3+
• New Vehicles 2

*The amount of content is subject to change since they are still under development.

Not only for the contents listed above but also for other various contents that are currently under development!
We'll keep posting a development status report on a monthly basis; please stay tuned!
Thank you for your continued support!

Craftopia Development Team

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  1. do you know what happened to me an hour I collect resources and an hour I build a plane and then I put it in the compartment to summon and throw it away, and it appears you can’t have more planes anymore, ………. and the plane disappears what it is and it didn’t happen to me the first time, it happened to me at the car, …… the game made me happy but what is too much is too much and I don’t know why I should play one map 10 times otherwise good …maybe it wouldn’t be bad to make a map somewhere to collect minerals, that it would be a mining map, belts and kilns, or maybe an environment with bamboo, ….

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