Chained Echoes Console Update 1.03

Chained Echoes 1.03 Console Update

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Chained Echoes recently released version 1.03 to Xbox Game Pass over the weekend. Most of the update was doing some bug fixes so here is the list of what went out with this update.

- Fixed an enemy freezing the game upon its death in late game
- Fixed Sienna breaking sequence in Farnsport
- Fixed a few save reload issues
- Fixed an issue with a cutscene in the Phyon Oasis where A. joins
- Added a method to reset the pillar puzzle in the last area of the ruins
- Fixed discarding crystals before finishing the tutorial
- Fixed Petal Storm + and Pressure Point
- Fixed zoning errors
- Fixed Class Skills having too much of an effect on the overdrive under certain conditions
- Fixed a late game boss respawning
- Removed an unnecessary Unity Analysis library
- Removed the ability to teleport while in the “Into the Maelstrom” quest (If you are outside, walk to the back of Magnolia’s room ro re-enter)
- Removed ability to sell Sky Armor color palettes
- Fixed other small issues

Hopefully, these fixes squash some of the few bugs remaining in the game. I have not run into any bugs and am having a blast with this game so far.

This same update was pushed to Steam and other consoles around the same time.

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