Chained Echoes how to unlock new deals

How to unlock new deals in Chained Echoes

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How to unlock new deals in Chained Echoes

In Chained Echoes, you will find merchants in various areas. They can be found in cities but they can also be found in the open areas of the world.

The merchants in the open world can be distinguished by a small dialogue bubble with a bottle in it and a red dot. The merchants can sell just common supplies or they can specialize in weapons, armor, or accessories.

Chained Echoes merchants can be found almost anywhere
Chained Echoes merchants can be found almost anywhere

When dealing with the merchants in Chained Echoes you can BuySell, or choose the Deals option. The Deals option should be unlocked after you complete the early tutorial mission. You will encounter a merchant that will give you something to sell back to him and then he unlocks the Deals dialogue for merchants.

To unlock new deals you must sell collectibles you find in the world. Most of these have no other use other than to sell to the merchants to get gold and unlock new deals.

Some of the loot you need to sell will only be dropped from enemies or unique monsters. See the unique monster guide for more information on what loot they can potentially drop.

To unlock a new deal choose Sell and navigate to your inventory and go to the loot category.

Chained Echoes to unlock deals sell all your loot
Chained Echoes to unlock deals and sell all your loot

Most of the time I just select all and sell everything that was selected. If you unlocked a new deal you should get a message that a new deal was unlocked.

Now navigate to the Deals section of the merchant to see what is available. The deals can include weapons, armor, accessories, and material packs.

Once a deal is unlocked you can see the requirements needed to purchase that deal
Once a deal is unlocked you can see the requirements needed to purchase that deal

To redeem your new deal if you have sold enough material to the merchants all of the boxes will be checked with green checks.

After you have the required material all the boxes will be checked with a green check mark
After you have the required material all the boxes will be checked with a green check mark

The deal will typically give you a generic description of the item and once you pay the gold for the deal it will reveal the true name of the item or if it is a supply pack it will unveil what was included in the deal.

Confirm screen in Chained Echoes to buy a deal
Confirm screen in Chained Echoes to buy a deal
The name will be revealed after your confirm the purchase
The name will be revealed after you confirm the purchase

Full List of Deals in Chained Echoes

Here is a list of deals in Chained Echoes that I have unlocked so far:

Deal Name Required Loot SoldCostReward
...1x Fairy Wing
1x Dirty Wool
1x Succulent Fruit
1x Domestic Bug
100a10x Antidote
2x Memory Chains
Metal Finger
2x Screw
Bread Crumbs
1a1x Ambrosia
Anchor 82x Tortoise Shell
2x Rusty Gear
3000a1x Hall
Bangle3x Bad Luck Charm
2x Gazing Eye
2x Garment
2x Simple Leaf
1000a1x Bangle
Bow 32x Blanket
1x Snake Cheek
3x Magician's Hat
500a1x Recurve Bow
Claws 83x Fake Monkey's Paw
2x Huge Tooth
3000a1x Baghnahk
Clothes & Robes 41x Thin Wire
2x Red Wine Bottle
2x White Wine Bottle
2000a1x Adventurer's Vest
1x Shaman's Robe
Clothes & Robes 63x Bushy Eyelashes
2x Mini Trident
1x Stolen Diamond
2x Gobbly Tentacle
2500a1x Strong Suit
1x Phantom Cloak
Clothes & Robes 84x Fake Monkey's Paw
2x Mechanical Eye
3000a1x Decorated Vest
1x Ley Line Coat
Clothes & Robes 93x Deluxe Pom-Pom
3x Pride of the Baki
2000a1x Silver Bolero
1x Scholar's Habit
Common Material Pack1x Rock
1x Bloody Compass
1x Pebble
1x Drinking Stalk
1x Finger-Giving-Wing
600a4x Iron ore
4x Beast Pelt
4x Weathered Bone
4x Bamboo Fiber
4x Sterile Mucus
Gauntlets3x Water Orb
2x Branch
2x Spring
1000a1x Gauntlets
Greatsword 31x Yak Horn
1x Goblin Skull
400a1x Bidenhander
Heavenly Ring4x Bad Luck Charm
3x Mane
2x Root
1000a1x Heavenly Ring
Heavy Armor 32x Coal
1x Life's Light
500a1x Shielded Mail
Holy Symbol3x Toadstone5000aHoly Symbol
Leaf Hood2x asd2
2x Rusty Gear
3000a1x Leaf Hood
Light & Heavy Armor 41x Stinky Powder
1x Lost Badge
1x Blue Plate
1x Mushbroom
2x Old Puppet
2000a1x Brigandine
1x Chain Mail
Light & Heavy Armor 61x Ice Core
1x Ball of Hair
1x Scrap of Iron
2x Sperm
2500a1x Gemstone Jerkin
1x Dragon Mail
Light & Heavy Armor 83x Colorful Beak
1x Tortoise Shell
1x Huge Tooth
3000a1x Golden Brigandine
1x Parade Armor
Light & Heavy Armor 93x Scrap of Tough Iron
3x Earthworm Scalp
2000a1x Plot Armor
1x Diamond Armor
Light Armor 32x Goblin Skull
3x Sturdy Bucket
400a1x Metal Jerkin
Material Pack Surprise1x Olden Book
1x Gem Gum
1x Coffee Bean
1x Shell
1x asd2
3000a4x Platinum Ore
4x Demon Leather
4x Ancient Skull
4x Fine Wool
4x Elastic Wing
Material Pack Surprise 21x Flying Pig
1x Death's Apple
1x Rose
1x King Beetle
2x Feather
3000a5x Mythril
5x Colossus Hide
5x Monster Fangs
5x Rayon Fiber
5x Wyrm Carapace
Mystic Ring2x Stolen Diamond
1x Bellflower
1x Bethy
1x Moss
1x Forgotten Lamp
2500a1x Mystic Ring
Nectar2x Old Pot
1x Expensive Door Knob
2x Fake Grapes
1x Crocus
2x Caterpillar
1a1x Nectar
Pack of Snacks1x Capless Mushroom
1x Dandepanther
1x Silk Thread
1x Bitter Onion
100a5x Snacks
Penultimate Material Pack2x Heart of the Baki
2x Gamsbart
5000a4x Orichalcum
4x Titan Leather
4x Devil's Head
4x Modal Fiber
4x Jute Fiber
Rapier 31x Flask of Saliva
3x Antenna
500a1x Espada Ropera
Rare Material Pack1x Rat
1x Newt
1x Oily Mango
1x Five-Leaf Clover
1x Mantis
600a4x Silver Ore
4x Thick Hide
4x Horn
4x Jute Fiber
4x Long Feather
Robe 33x Wool Shell
2x Flask of Slime
2x Flask of Saliva
400a1x Shimmering Garb
Rubber Duck1x Hairy Crown
1x Shimmering Scale
1x Shiny Belly
1x Otter Noce
1x Tiny Third Head
15000a1x Rubber Duck
Shadow Garb4x Memory10000aShadow Garb
Sun & Moon2x Ancient Coin
2x Small Bat
2x Potato-Shaped Turtle
2x Turtle-Shaped Potato
2500a1x Festival Ribbon
1x Sunglasses
Super Rare Material Pack1x Metal Frog
1x Yellow Snail
1x Banana
1x Dahlia
1x Dragonfly
2000a3x Gold Ore
3x Giant's Hide
3x Tough Rips
3x Yak Grass Fiber
3x Hard Shell
Sword 33x Zombie Flesh
3x Lizard Tail
500a1x Kopis
Sword 62x Scrap of Iron
2x Soldier Crest
2x Sandy Fin
2x Electric Hair
2500a1x Falchion
Sword & Greatsword 42x Old Bark
2x Carrot Nose
2x Stinger
2000a1x Silver Sword
1x Bastard Sword
Thief's Gloves2x Flying Pig
2x Death's Apple
1x Mechanical Eye
3000a1x Thief's Gloves
Tome of Fiends2x Disappointing Sea Shell
2x Sea Cucumber
2x Idea of a Corgi
2x Bowler
2x Common Lotus
10000aTome of Fiends
Trove of Gold1x Perpetuan Lemon
1x Tulip
1x Cricket
1x Water
1x Creepy Mask
500a5x Gold Ore
Trove of Midas5x Capless Mushroom
5x Rat
5x Metal Frog
5x Perpetuan Lemon
5x Ancient Coin
1a10x Gold Nugget
Uncommon Material Pack1x Newt
1x Oily Mango
1x Finger-Giving-Wing
600a3x Tin Ore
3x Thin Hide
3x Ashen Bone
3x Coconut Fiber
Ultimate Clothes3x Butterfly Ribbon
1x Flesh Cap
4x Black Wool
1x Crocus
5000a2x Triplet
Ultimate Heavy Armor5x Long Tail
1x Excalibur Replica
4x Clockwork Red
5000a2x Maximilian
Ultimate Light Armor4x Old Nipple
1x Goblin Head
2x Earth Core
1x Caterpillar
5000a2x Ringmail
Ultimate Robes6x Fish Innards
1x Otter Owl
3x Clockwork Yellow
1x Fake Grapes
5000a2x Grimoire Robe
Ultimate Trove4x Fractured Soul
4x Dirty Jeton
5000a1x Triplet
1x Grimoire Robe
1x Ringmail
1x Maximilian
Ultimate Material Pack2x Tadeye Eye
2x Sandy Tooth
2x Curling Eye
5000a3x Rainbow Ore
3x Emperor's Hide
3x Ancient Carcass
3x Divine Wool
1x Blood Stone
Ultra Material Pack5x Expensive Door Knob1000a3x Orichalcum
3x Titan Leather
3x Devil's Head
3x Modal Fiber
3x Adamantite

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