Chained Echoes 1.05 Update For Consoles

Chained Echoes 1.05 Console Update

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This week the developer for Chained Echoes released another update to consoles and PC. This update fixes some more oddball bugs but addresses a big Playstation 4 bug that was causing slowdowns. There was also a small gameplay change involving crystal drops.

Here is a list of all the fixes/changes for the Chained Echoes 1.05 Console Update:

- Fixed a bug regarding saving between boss fights in Phyon Oasis
- Fixed amount of crystals displayed in the craft menu
- Fixed a bug that prevented some crystals from dropping
- Fixed Terror Terrier Amok skill
- Fixed an AI bug on the Titan Elemental
- Fixed a bug allowing to teleport out of Raphael’s cave
- Fixed two Raphaels appearing in a certain cutscene
- Fixed certain ultra move buff effects to appear in wrong color
- Fixed Recruit Tehlla not appearing on Hermit’s Isle
- Fixed being able to open Reward Board during credits
- Fixed a progression bug after gathering info about Daimbert
- Fixed a bug regarding the Tadeye in the middle of Ograne Grottos
- Fixed a bug that could cause slowdowns after achieving all trophies on some PS4 (PS4-only)
- Fixed other minor bugs
- Changed: Crit Up crystals now have the same chance to drop as other stat crystals

Also here are the update notes for version 1.04. This update nerfed a lot of the Agility buffs that would make Sienna one of the most powerful characters in the game.

This update was released on 12/20:

- Fixed a bug that prevented Glenn from learning a certain skill leaving him with 1 GS at the end of the game
- Fixed getting the item reward for avoiding optional battles in Phyon Oasis
- Fixed a bug where enemies were unable to take a turn once a character reached a certain speed
- Fixed a bug in the boss battle in Raminas Tower
- Fixed a display bug in the crystal inventory when throwing away crystals
- Fixed inventory not showing all crystals
- Fixed Mikah’s Ultra Move killing an enemy over and over
- Fixed a bug regarding HP on level up (characters now have a bit more HP)
- Fixed some strings missing a translation
- Fixed a save load position issue in the quest Into The Maelstrom
- Fixed Crit Damage Up
- Fixed other minor issues
- Changed: Agility stat raised by equipment and passive now clamps at 50 (raising agi in battle can get past this limit. This change needs more testing but this should fix a few problems for the moment)
- Changed: Agi Up stats
- Changed: Agi Up crystals have the same chance to drop like other stat up crystals
- Changed: Glenn now learns TP Cost Down instead of Chemistry

I hope you are enjoying the game so far. If you want to see more tips, tricks, and playthrough videos for Chained Echoes check out my Youtube channel and subscribe. Year of the Dad Gaming.