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Craftopia easiest way to farm feces

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I know if I were you I might leave now. Why are we talking about feces? Well in a quirky game that has a pretty good sense of humor. You need feces to craft certain items in Craftopia.

For instance, in Craftopia if you want to craft gunpowder you need the following

  • 1 Sulfur
  • 1 Saltpeter
  • 1 Charcoal

Well, you can mine sulfur in the game. If you find an abandoned mine then there should be some sulfur to harvest. And in certain biomes, you can get sulfur. Getting sulfur shouldn’t be an issue.

And you can craft charcoal with no issues in a stone furnace.

How do you get saltpeter in Craftopia?

I’ve lucked out and gotten some in a supply drop. But I have gotten it once out of about 50 supply drops. That isn’t very good odds.

Or you can craft in at an aging facility. What do you need to craft saltpeter? Feces.

How do you get feces in Craftopia?

Your character will randomly drop feces when he has to go. And if you craft a toilet you can sit on the toilet and gather feces. But that takes a lot of time and work. That isn’t going to get you very far very quickly.

Also, animals will drop feces when they have to go. You can follow some cows around and collect feces from them. But again this is very very slow. 

I turned to Youtube to find the best way to create an auto feces farm. And I have to say some of these are really interesting and out there. Here are my top videos I found on how to farm feces. I haven’t tried all of them and also be warned that a patch can make any of these stop working at any time.

#5 Container method

I tried this method. Never had any luck. And somehow my cows kept escaping the container and wandered off.

#4 A mini chicken feces collector

I have not tried this method but others are saying trying to harvest from animals is really slow. But I like the idea here.

#3 A large cow farm contained

You can breed cows and try to collect the feces they drop. But once again this is a very slow method. I tried this and got 1 after waiting 10 minutes. And I had about 20 cows or so on my farm. I even tried pigs and it didn’t speed up the process.

#2 The poop shooter

I will have to say this one amused me the most. It was pretty funny. But reading the comments it sounds like this method no longer works after a recent update.

#1 Spam the toilet

This is my way of doing it. I saw another person state that they just used the bathroom. Then I tried spamming the X button and it worked like a charm. Just be careful as an update may eventually ruin this. But I hope not because this was an easy way for me to get 300 feces in about 5 minutes.

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