craftopia managing inventory

Craftopia inventory management

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When you play Craftopia you will find lots of loot and items. In the game, you will quickly find your inventory filling up to a point that you cannot store any more items on your character. So what do you do when you run out of space in one of the categories?

Where can I store my extra items?

Craftopia Steel Chests with item plate
Craftopia Steel Chests with item plate

When you run out of space early in the game you can build chests to help store extra items. There are 5 different types of chests in the game. Make sure and store your chests in a secure location because if they get destroyed you lose all the items in the chest.

Chest – Just a standard chest that has 8 slots. These chests can be destroyed easily so only use early in the game on low-level islands.

Steel Chest – A sturdier chest that is a good blend of space (24 slots) and sturdiness but low cost to build.

Cemented Carbide Chest – Heavy-duty chest that can store even more space (32 slots). The requirements to build this is a heavy cost.

Cloud Storage – Storage that can be accessed from anywhere.

Super Diamond Chest – The sturdiest chests you can build in the game. Very high capacity. Requires hard-to-find items.

You can craft your chests at a workbench and then equip the chest to place in a safe location. Once you have your chests placed you can simply face the chest and press X to interact.

While interacting with your chest you can select an item and press X to move the item or items to the chest. If the item can stack then that item will also stack in your chest (the October update insured this happens on all platforms).

If you move something to your chest and want it back in your inventory then move over to the right side (chest side) to select that item and press X to move them back into your inventory.

If you click LT then you can grab half a stack of items and if you click RT then you can take just one. Then you just drag the item over to the chest and press A to drop it in your chest. If you are playing on Steam you cannot do this with a controller. You have to use a mouse and keyboard to move half stacks or just one item.

How do you drop or destroy items?

Craftopia transfer to a chest. Inventory management
Craftopia transfer to a chest

Later on in the game, after you have built several storage units and you just don’t need things like fangs or bones to craft any items you can just get rid of those items.

When you are in your inventory you can click Y to multi-select items. Once you click Y you can go through and click A to select several items at once. After you click on each item you will notice the menu on the left side of the screen becomes active.

This menu will allow you to click Y to drop the items or X to destroy them completely. You may want to drop items in Craftopia while you are reorganizing your chests. You can always pick the items back up after you drop them.

How do you remove/wash enchantments?

If you notice most items are enchanted. Those enchantments can cause weapons to do more damage or give your character more defense depending on the enchantment. But one of the problems is that there are so many different types of enchantments some of the lower-level crafting materials can be hard to manage and won’t stack.

By using the multi-select option above the menu also has a remove/wash enchantment option. This way you can take all of a stack of items and remove an enchantment that may not apply. If you select Wash away enchantments it will ask you to confirm the action and remind you that you cannot undo the washing away.

Once you have washed away the enchantments you can now stack even more of those items together.

How do you offer items and what does it do for you?

When in your inventory menu you will notice all the way to the right is the Picture Book area. In this area will be some items you have seen and lots of question marks. As you find items the question marks become visible.

Here you can “offer” items and get experience and power-ups by offering items. 

To offer items you follow the same multi-select option to multi-select and item or items. Then you will have the option to offer that item. When you select Offer an item it will prompt you to confirm the offering. And remind you that you cannot undo this operation.

Once you have met the needed number of items to offer for an item you will get the bonus associated with it. The Picture Book reveals all the details of what those bonuses are.

How do I earn gold in Craftopia?

Another way to clear items out of your inventory that you don’t need anymore is to sell those items for gold. At your workbench, you can craft a market and sell items at the market. 

The market will auto-sell the items dropped into it every 5 minutes. You can build multiple markets if you need to sell a lot of items. You can even pick up the markets and carry them with you then place them whenever you need to sell something and just wait for the timer to countdown and pick up the market after you sold your items.

Adding items to the market is the same method for adding items to a chest. Just select the item and click the X button to transfer it to the market.

One of the best ways to earn gold in Craftopia is to build farms and sell crops. Peaches and pineapples sell for a really high amount and you get about 9 to 10 per plot. See this guide for farming in Craftopia.

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