craftopia update news october 2022

Craftopia – October 2022 Update

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Today, PocketPair the developers of Craftopia released an update** to Steam for Craftopia. This update fixes some major multiplayer issues that players were having and it nerfs gunpowder production.

Release Notes:

2022/10/11 Update Patch v20220920.1916

◆ Network
- Fixed the bugs occurred in Dedicated Server:
• You couldn't mine any resources by using Excavator on Bedrock;
• Mono wouldn't duplicate themselves when they were on contact with water come out of Sprinkler;
• Enemies wouldn't take any damage when they were put into Cauldron.

◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed the bug that the boss "Lizard Gunner" could be used in buildings such as "Generator".

The Network fixes are much needed. As the mono and excavator issue was causing a lot of people trouble on dedicated servers.

The ability to farm Lizard Gunner for Gunpowder was a blessing for those that wanted to do a Gun build but now they have nerfed that and taken it away.

**So far this update does not affect the Xbox version. If it does I will update this article

Still no word on the Seamless Update release date but stay tuned to our Youtube channel and this site for more Craftopia updates.