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Craftopia PC fall patch update

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Pocket Pair had announced that today (9/30/2021) would be their target for a fall patch update. They announced earlier that the PC update is live and should be available to users. For Xbox One users the update will have to go through the review process and will be released later this week. When that update drops for Xbox One I will have a new post with the full details and how it is working out.

This update is rather large. Here are some of the highlights:

  • New age “Age of Scientific Research”
  • Creative Mode
  • New weapon type “Magic Staff”, new guns, and grenades
  • New races “Elf” and “Demon”
  • More machines for automation
  • New bosses
  • New flight devices “Jetpack”
  • New pets “Griffin”
  • New building “Offshore Oil Plant”
  • Meteroites
  • New Potions
  • Graphical improvements

Here are the patch notes from Pocket Pair on the 9/30/2021 Craftopia fall patch. This is a huge update to not only fixes in the game but content updates and upgrades.

Summary of the update
1. New age "Age of Scientific Research"!
With the new workbench "Chemistry Lab Table", you can craft new facilities and new materials to craft equipment!

2. "Creative Mode" where you can craft as you wish!
No materials are required! You can modify the settings to play as you like!

3. New weapon type "Magic Staff", new guns, and grenades!
Magic Staff uses the power of buff and debuff; new guns are useful even on the island of level 7!

4. New races, "Elf" and "Demon", new hairstyles!
Each race has unique status and strengths; there's more to the character creation!

5. "Brainy Rotating Saws", "Virtual Wall", "Multi Sling", "Sorting Machine" for automation!
You can combine them together to improve your automation lines! With Multi Sling, you can finally automate the seeding process of farming!

6. New boss "Hydra" and new mobs "Wild Rotating Saws", "Stray Mono", "Elite Mobs"!
Hydra drops the materials to craft poisonous weapon; Rotating Saws drop "Crude Oil"!

7. New flight unit "Jetpack" and new vehicle "Raft"
To the sky, to the ocean, nothing can't stop emotions!

8. New pets like "Griffin" and "Horse"!
Unique pets will help you explore around!

9. High-end building "Offshore Oil Plant"!
It takes lots of resources and time but produces lots of Crude Oil in return!

10. Meteorite
Thanks to the unexpected visitor from the sky, you can craft Artificial Bedrocks of Bauxite and Rare Metal now!

11. "High Potion", "Derived Potion", and "Monster Dish"!
More options to restore mana, special potions to affect your allies; new dishes are powerful and dangerous at the same time!

12. Graphical improvement with the latest rendering technology!
With optimization of shaders and improvements on objects and environment, the world of Craftopia is illustrated more vividly than before!
◆ Critical Bug Fixes and Improvements
- Placed Punching Bag and Training Dummy will be saved. To prevent them from lasting forever underwater, they will explode when they submerge.
- If you cancel the magic skill before it takes effect, the skill costs will be returned, and the cooldown will be 3 seconds.
- Fixed the bug the items in chests weren't synced when other players joined while you were opening a chest.

◆ Newly Added Content
- Added new system, Blueprint.
If you use blueprints, you can learn the recipe of items to craft. You can see the list of implemented blueprints via the newly added Blueprint UI.
The way to obtain Blueprints and the detail of the items you can craft via Blueprints will be displayed in Blueprint UI. Learned Blueprints will be bright and unlearned Blueprints will be dark on the UI.
- Added new mode, Creative Mode.
• There are two modes in Creative Mode: Free Build Mode where you can build to create an island; Playable Mode where you can play on the island that you create in Free Build Mode.
• No need to have the required materials to craft.
• The settings such as age levels, in-game time, character status can be modified freely.
• You can bring items to Creative Mode, though you cannot take items with you from Creative Mode to Normal Mode.
• The items in the inventory will not be saved in Creative Mode. If you want to save, please store them in chests.
- World Level 7: Age of Scientific Research has been unlocked.
You can offer gold and Offering of Knowledge to the Altar of Civilization to progress to this age. Offering of Knowledge can be obtained by completing the new mission New Age -Science- or defeating the new boss Hydra.
- Added Blueprint of new items.
• Extension Magazine II
• Quickloader II
• Custom Grip II
• Bipod II
• Laser Sight II
• Sling Belt II
• Resin Stock II
These Blueprints can be obtained with a low chance by defeating dungeon bosses of level 30 or higher.
- Added new weapon type Magic Staff.
• LMB: Strike A => Strike B => Strike C
• LMB midair: Strike midair
• LMB while running: Rotating Strike => Strike midair
• RMB: Grant Concentrate Buff

• Concentrate Buff: Increases MATK by 160% and increases accuracy of some magic skills. Deactivated on the cast of the magic skills that affected by MATK.
• Arcane Bolt: If you perform Strike while the enemy is in front, it will consume Mana to shoot Arcane Bolt. (The amount of Mana varies based on the player level)
• If you hit the enemy with multiple Arcane Bolt, it will give the debuff to the enemy for 60 seconds and they will take more magic damage.
• Debuff: they will take more magic damage by 30%, if you have Concentrate buff, they will take more magic damage by 50% instead. This debuff will be deactivated 5 seconds after they take more damage from magic.

- Added new supporting equipment. Craftable at Blacksmith. Some items below can be crafted after you learn the recipe from Blueprints.
• Extension Magazine I, II
• Quickloader I, II
• Custom Grip I, II
• Bipod I, II
• Laser Sight I, II
• Sling Belt I, II
• Resin Stock I, II
These items can increase the stats of the equipped gun when you equip them.
- Added new items. You can learn the recipe from Blueprint and craft at Machine Factory.
• Multi Sling
• Blueprint of Multi Sling
You can deploy Multi Sling to shoot various items. You can obtain Blueprint from deliver quest NPC as a reward.
- Meteorites sometimes fall from the sky.
- Added new dishes.
• New dish Monster Dish
They have powerful effects on you for a short period of time, but you need to pay well for them.
- Added new equipment. Craftable at Blacksmith.
• Poison Baselard
- Added new weapons. Craftable at Skilled Blacksmith.
• Atlach-Nacha
• Jörmungandr
• Joukahainen
• Crimall
You can upgrade these weapons to stronger poisonous weapons by using the material item dropped by high-level Hydra.
- Added new equipment. Craftable at Skilled Blacksmith.
• Venomous Arrow
• Shield of Asclepius
• Earring of Contamination
• Pathogen Charm
- Added new item. Craftable at Workbench.
• Brainy Rotating Saws
This is a greater version of Rotating Saws; you can select from Wood, Crops, or Both to choose what this will harvest.
This can detect Virtual Walls and try remaining within the specified area.
- Added new item. Craftable as Furniture Workbench.
• Virtual Wall
Only machines can detect these walls and stop. Living things will not be interuppted.
- Added new items. Craftable at Workbench.
• Auto Aging Facility
• Electric Fan
• Sorting Machine
• Item Frame
These items can be used to support automation or help you sort items.
- Added new vehicle. Craftable at Machine Factory.
• Raft
- Added new items. Craftable at Workbench.
• Artificial Bedrock of Sulfur
• Artificial Bedrock of Bauxite
• Artificial Bedrock of Rare Metal
Thanks to the power of the meteorite, you can now craft these unnatural bedrocks.
- Added new potions. Craftable at Potion Brewing Stand.
• Small Mixed Potion
• High Life Potion
• High Mana Potion
• High Stamina Potion
• High Mixed Potion
• 3 kinds of Extract Fluid
We're planning to add more variety soon!
- Added new item.
• Crude Oil
The ways to obtain them are very limited now, but we'll add more variety to it with future updates.
- Added new items. Craftable at Blacksmith.
• Grenade
• Incendiary Grenade
• Smoke Candle
We're developing other kinds of grenade as well!
- Added new workbench Chemistry Lab Table along with the new age.
- Added new items. Craftable at Chemistry Lab Table, Skilled Furnace, or Aging Facility.
• Chemicals
• Jet Fuel
• Hardened Platinum Alloy
• Elemental Ingot
• Obsidian Ingot
• Grease
- Added new flight unit. Craftable at Workbench.
• Jetpack
Jetpack has more powerful thrust toward the vertical direction and allows you to move further by gliding from higher places.
Unlike other flight units, Jetpack consumes Jet Fuel that can be crafted from Crude Oil at Chemistry Lab Table.
- Added new potions and materials. Craftable at Potion Brewing Stand.
• Medium Mana Potion
• Arc Potion
• Battle Potion
• Pet Potion
• Potion Additive
• Ultramarine Herb
Derived potions are special potions that can be crafted with Potion Additive. They have the speciality such as having effects on your allies as well.
- Added new chests. Craftable at Workbench.
• Super Diamond Chest
• Large Capacity Container
They can be crafted with the material items that can be obtained in New Age -Science-, and they have larger capacity!
- Added new facilities and items.
• Auto Aging Facility
• Recycle Machine α
• Recycled Crystal
• Recycled Fluid
• Recycled Powder
• Recycled Fiber
Recycle Machine α can convert excess items into recycled items. Every time the total price of items reaches a certain amount, the machine will convert them into recycled items.
There are not many ways to utilize recycle items now. We'll add more to it in the future.
- Added new dish and material.
• Mythical Carrot
• Special Carrot Hamburg Steak
- Added new gun and material.
• Water Gun
• Water Gun Parts
When the summer comes, Monos start collecting these gun parts. You can craft Water Gun with these parts, but the parts can be obtained only in summer.
You can craft Water Gun even after the summer ends, though.
- Added new magic staffs. Craftable at Blacksmith or obtain from treasure boxes.
• Crutch
• Magic Staff
• Budded Staff
• Sage's Staff
• Wizard's Staff
• Kaladanda
• Gambanteinn
• Princess Guard
• Kayomart
• Kayomart Ω
- Added new building.
• Offshore Oil Plant
This building can be built with tons of resources and many processes like World Heritage.
It takes much time and resources to finish its processes, but it will produce Crude Oil on a regular basis.
We're planning to add more ways to obtain Crude Oil, but Offshore Oil Plant will be the most efficient way as far as we plan.
- Added new items. Craftable at Workbench.
• Special Cement
• Light Weight Steel Frame
• Light Weight Pipe
• Light Weight Frame
• Reinforced Wood
• Reinforced Stone
• Linen Wool
• Reinforced Plastic
They can be used to craft building materials and equipment.
- Added Tier III guns.
• Rifle III
• Assault Rifle III
• Shotgun III
- Added new equipment. Craftable at Blacksmith.
• Wizard Cloak
• Smart Casual Attire
These clothes have 2 styles and 3 colors. Each one has different required materials.
- Added new equipment. Craftable at Blacksmith or Hatter.
• 3 kinds of Classical Witch Hat
• Viking's Helm
• Expert's Bandana
- Added new equipment. Craftable at Hatter.
• Straw Hat
- Added new furtniture. Craftable at Furniture Workbench.
• Dark Wooden Low Item Stand
If you put an item onto the item stand, you can display it. We're planning to add more variation.
- Added new furniture. Craftable at Furniture Workbench.
• Piano Block
- Added new items. Craftable at Furniture Workbench.
• Red Beach Parasol
• Blue Beach Parasol
• Beach Chair
• Deck Chair
• Firework Blue 1
• Firework Red 1
• Firework Green 1
• Firework Purple 1
• Firework Yellow 1
• Firework Rainbow 1
• Firework Blue 2
• Firework Purple 2
• Firework Blue 3
• Firework Yellow 2
• Firework Red 2
• Firework Yellow 3
• Firework Yellow 4
• Firework Rainbow 2
- You can now edit the existing characters from the character selection screen.
- Added new races Demon and Elf. The appearance and the status of your character will be varied based on the race.
- Added new 11 hairstyles!
- Added New boss Hydra.
Hydra is living in poisonous biomes on the island of level 5 or higher. You might obtain material items to craft weapons by defeating them.
- Some elite mobs will be greater elite mobs on the island of level 4 or higher sometimes.
- Stray Mono will appear somewhere on an island when it's evening.
As you hit them again and again, something happy may happen to you.
On a specific day...
- Some Rotating Saws that have been used by human beings escaped and became wild ones. If you defeat escapees, their parts are yours.
- Added Horse.
If you can capture them to tame as a pet, it'll be much easier to move around.
- Penguin can be a pet now.
You cannot ride on them, but they will follow you when you swim. They sometimes drop Ice. How nice.
- Peko can be a pet now.
You can ride on them to run around, and they can dig some items with different enchantments.
- Fox can be a pet now.
They might guide you to hidden treasures.
- Griffin can be a pet now.
You can control wind magic and fly around the sky if you can capture them.
- Added new mission New Age -Science-.
You can complete this mission by defeating the new boss Hydra and you can receive Offering of Knowledge as a reward.
This item can be used to progress to the new age, and can be obtained by defeating Hydra too.
- Added new trials Pull the Pin Trial: Beginner and Pull the Pin Trial: Intermediate on the island of level 4 or higher.
- Added the skill Veterinarian. This passive skill helps your pets regenerate faster.
- Added the skill Execution. This skill can instantly kill the enemy with low Life.
- Brightness and contrast can be changed in the setting menu. The color tone of the game will remain the same even though Post Process is disabled.
- Anti Alias options can be chosen from Disabled, FXAA, SMAA now. Added Rendering Accuracy options too.
- The name of the character and the world can be changed on the home screen.
◆ Balance Adjustments
- Regarding progressing age, Poisonous biome will have 100% chance to appear when you open a new island under specific conditions.
- Slightly adjusted the inertia of the dash attack of the two-handed sword.
- Adjusted the descriptions of Diamond Ingot and Obsidian Ingot.
- Changed the craftable age and the rank of Storm Bringer and Sting.
- Increased the price of Bloodshed Charm.
- Adjusted the effect of Stamina Potion along with the implementation of new potions.
- Adjusted the price and the repair fee of guns.
- Adjusted the rarities of Blue Herb, Ultramarine Herb, Small Mana Potion and Medium Mana Potion.
- You can now set the number of items to craft when you automate. If you put a checkmark on the setting, it will work in the same way as it has been.
- Market will now move only upwards and downwards. It cannot be pushed by mobs now, though, they can be carried by Conveyor Belts.
- Adjusted the movement speed of a character on a slope. You climb up slower; you run down faster.
- Player characters no longer slip on small round stones.
- Changed the effective duration of Stamina Potion from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
- Fixed the bug a player character slightly moves when you filled the empty bucket with water.
- Adjusted Difficulty settings regarding Satiety.
• Enjoy: No hunger damage
• Normal: No changes
• Hard: More hunger damage(0.5% of maximum Life, 1 damage at least)
• Very Hard: Less likely to be hungry, but more hunger damage(1% of maximum Life, 1 damage at least), and you could die from starvation
- Adjusted the behavior of mobs related to their territory. Mobs such as goblins will behave slightly more naturally than before.
- Adjusted the enemies' attack bonus on the low-level island.
- Adjusted Lizard Executioner in various ways.
- Adjusted Nothing to Lose Cows:
• They now drop extra items when they are defeated even before they detect you;
• Drastically decreased the chance that extra dropped items have enchantments.
- Drastically decreased the spawning chance of elite mobs. The lower the island level, the less likely they spawn.
- The crocodiles' attack will now be notified with the mark ! before they attack.
- Reduced the odd behavior of Skeletons that they started walking in the opposite direction of a player.
- Reduced the damage reaction of Goblin Hunter.
- Widened the ranges that the monsters in dungeons chase players. Slightly modified the list of monsters appear in dungeons too.
- The skill Pet Heal can now heal charmed mobs as well.
- Buffed the effect of the skill Pet Heal, and increased its maximum level.
◆ Functional Improvements
- Adjusted the graphic to brighten darker parts of the game. The contrast seems lower than before.
- Adjusted the color of the weather along with the graphic adjustment. The overall color of the game during the night will reflect the color of the weather.
- Added the threshold to the movement control of vehicles.
- You can now disable the hotkey auto-register from the setting.
- Greatly improved the overall graphic of Craftopia. The post-processes play an important role in this improvement; therefore, we recommend that you enable its option after this update.
• Overall appearance(physical base and toon shaders changed)
• Characters, mobs, equipment(outline added, color improved and adjusted)
• Objects such as buildings, stone, trees(reflection setting changed, color adjusted)
• Map(grass improved)
• Water(reflection added)
• Weather(color adjusted, visibility improved)
• Visual effects of skills(quality improved, effect changed)
• Post-processes(color improved, quality of shadow improved, ambient occlusion added)
- Adjusted the amount of motion blur.
- Normalized the way to control UI with a controller.
- Improved the camera control with the lever of a controller. You can now move a camera slowly even though you set the camera threshold high.
- You will now take damage from the flowing lava from volcanic mountains.
- The collider of Lizardmen has been adjusted to prevent them from getting stuck in Hell tree.
- Changed the appearances of ore deposits.
- The effective range and the icon of Artificial Monolith are now displayed on the map.
- Changed the reflection of some metallic weapon and armor.
- The appropriate ranges of the guns will be wider based on the refining levels. When the level is +199, the upper and lower limits will be 1.5 times wider.
- The special indicator will be displayed when the enemy you aim with a gun is in the appropriate range.
- Wirbelwind I has been removed from Picture Book.
- The number of loaded ammunition in the gun is now saved.
- Adjusted the amount of the item Griffin Feather dropped from Autumnal Griffin.
- Changed the description of Washing Machine.
- Age Level is now displayed with the number and the name.
- You cannot deploy placeables in Hell biome now.
- Chests except for Cloud Storage will now move only upwards and downwards. It cannot be pushed by mobs now, though, they can be carried by Conveyor Belts.
- Removed the production UI from Loom.
- Billboard will now move only upwards and downwards. It cannot be pushed by mobs now, though, they can be carried by Conveyor Belts.
- Changed the descriptions and the item category of the items Loom and Drying Rack.
- Each slot of chests can now contain 4 stacks of items.
- Your playtime will be displayed when you launch Prototype Rocket. Please use it when you challenge RTA.
- The thickness of Stone Wall, Stone Door Frame, Stone Window have been adjusted to match other walls.
- The prisms of vehicles and captured mobs will now summon their content when they hit the surface of the water too.
- Reaping Machine will now move only upwards and downwards. It cannot be pushed by mobs now, though, they can be carried by Conveyor Belts.
- Reaping Machine will start working right after you place it.
- Some shelves and counters will now move only upwards and downwards.
- When you fail to retrieve a building, the game now tells you why you can't retrieve it.
- The shakiness of the camera has been adjusted. The camera is now less shaky when you perform actions such as attack with a weapon.
- The skill Frost Mine no longer affects buildings.
- The option Auto Target is disabled while you use tool weapons such as pickaxes.
- Now you can drink potions while running.
- You can hide Flight Unit by changing settings in the inventory.
- Improved the behavior related to going back to the territory.
- Bosses now have the mark ! and ? to indicate their reactions.
- The visual effects have been added to Fleur's attacks which have positive effects on players.
- Eased the height limit that Anubis in hell performing smite.
- The chance that some items, dropped by Goblin Healer of level 30 or lower, are enchanted has been changed to match the one of high-level Goblin Healers.
- Adjusted the amount of dropped items from some mobs such as Sheep and Golem.
- The corpses of NPC will disappear when they are in lava.
- The corpse of Robber Kevin will disappear within a few seconds.
- You can check whose quest it is on the deliver quest UI.
- Charmed Jack O' Lantern no longer mimics to hide.
- Your player character will look at the pet when you retrieve it from the field.
- Changed the descriptions of the skills Battle Hymn and Encourage.
- Improved the visual effect of the skill Battle Hymn.
- Added sound effects to the skill Jumping Shot.
- Adjusted sound effects of opening treasure boxes and chests.
- Adjusted sound effects of the skills Runic Barrage, Wind Edge, Frost Mine.
- Added sound effects to the skill Decoy Doll.
- Added sound effects to the skill Multiway Shot.
- Added sound effects to the skill Judgement Shot.
- Added sound effects to the skill Storm Arrow.
- Changed sound effect of the skill Backstab.
- Added sound effects to the skill Aerial.
- Added sound effects to the skill Stalking Strike.
- Added sound effects to the skill Lightning Speed.
- Added sound effects to the skill Iai Slash.
- Added sound effects to the skill Magnum Shot.
- Added sound effects to the skill Blooming Strike.
- Added sound effects to the skill Miasma.
- Added sound effects to the skill Lightning Bolt.
- Added sound effects to the skill Lightning Ball.
- Added sound effects to the skill Hells Blaze.
- Added sound effects to the skill Time Lock.
- Added sound effects to the skill Unlimited Fake Blade.
- Added sound effects to the skill Tuning Up.
- Added sound effects to the skill Fertilize.
- Added sound effects to the skill Native Alchemy.
- Added sound effects to the skill Fresh Alchemy.
- Added sound effects to the skill Stealth.
- Added sound effects to the skill Carpet Bombing.
- Added sound effects to the skill Sacrifice Supper.
- Added sound effects to the skill Attack Order.
- Added sound effects to the skill Solar Power.
- Added sound effects to the skill Prayer.
- Added sound effects to the skill Frost Mine.
- Added sound effects to the skill Water Creation.
- Added sound effects to the skill Fire Creation.
- Added sound effects to the skill Sumptuous Feast.
- Added sound effects to the skill Alchemic Potion.
- Added sound effects to one handed swords.
- Added sound effects to two handed swords.
- Added sound effects to lances.
- Added sound effects to axes and pickaxes.
- Added the option that a player will not produce Feces.
- Removed the text Controller support is in development from the setting menu.
- In the setting UI, apply button is Y/△; reset default button is X/□ on a controller now.
- The information of Play Mode will be displayed at the bottom left corner along with the version.
- The texts of Early Access will be disabled as well when you hide UI.
- Reduced the default values of right stick sensitivity and aim assist of controllers.
- You can use the start button to apply settings in VRoid setting screen. You can log-out with the select button too.
- The console will be off by default when you install Craftopia Mod Loader(BepInEx) now.
- The progress bar appears on the loading screen.
- Trees and stones will now sway when you hit them.
◆ Performance Improvements
- Optimized the memory performances of randomly generated rocks and bedrocks.
- Improved the processing speed of the game by introducing frame skipping that reduces animation frames based on how far the player or the enemies are. The animation of the enemies will not be smooth if it's far, but it's a design choice.
- Added the function that reduces memory usage.

◆ Network
- CLI function has been added to Dedicated Server.
If you type 'help' in the console window, you can see the list of commands.
- Dedicated Server supports Creative Mode as well.
Please add gameMode below [GameWorld] in ServerSetting.ini.
gameMode=1: Normal Mode, 2: Free Build Mode, 3: Playable Mode
- Added the setting options for Creative Mode to the setting file of Dedicated Server.
If you launch Dedicated Server after you delete ServerSetting.ini or move it to a different location, new ServerSetting.ini will be generated.
- Fixed the bug Farming Plot didn't produce enchanted crops in multiplayer when you planted enchanted seeds.
- Fixed the bug you couldn't refine weapons in Dedicated Server.
- Fixed the bug the animals inside of Livestock Farm escaped while syncing in multiplayer.
- Fixed the bug the number of crafted items in production facilities was different between guest players and host player.
- Fixed the bug you couldn't obtain items from Well in multiplayer under specific conditions.
- Added BanList.
%HOMEPATH%\AppData\LocalLow\PocketPair\Craftopia\BanList.txt will be loaded when you launch Dedicated Server, and designated IP addresses will be blocked.
If you use 'ban', 'accept' commands via CLI, those changes will be written on BanList.txt.
- The logs of Dedicated Server no longer contain the Japanese language.
◆ Bug Fixes
- Key binding settings didn't work with Mission Reward and Skill Point Notification UI.
- The sales price of Market was wrongly calculated in Dedicated Server.
- The amount of the deliver quest NPC's required items and the reward items was wrong in Dedicated Server.
- The name of buildings and mobs displayed on HUD became blurred.
- The cooldowns of items and skills didn't reset when you went back to the home screen and loaded a different character.
- The items weren't properly displayed in Picture Book when you offered them without putting them into the inventory.
- Adjusted the collider of fallen trees on an island.
- Fixed the appearance of the tower of world heritage.
- The lava sometimes erupted at wrong places than its indicated position in Hell biome.
- The lava sometimes erupted at safe places and boss area in Hell biome.
- The lava sometimes stopped erupting in Hell biome.
- The windmills on Island of Residence didn't spin.
- The damage of the gun is now affected by the damage ratio of enemies' body parts.
- The enchantments of tanks' ammunition affected player characters.
- The parameters of sub weapon affected player characters while equipped with a gun.
- Drone for Shooting didn't finish shooting when you moved to another island while you were using Drone for Shooting.
- The gunshot hit multiple times under specific conditions.
- The character's posture was not applied to some motions of the gun.
- The count of obtained items wasn't counted up when you took items from a chest. The bug related to Picture Book too.
- The description of Captured Anubis contained Error. Error will be replaced with your character's name.
- The damage received from some food items was affected by the difficulty settings.
- Fixed the appearances of Heart Core and Memory Piece.
- Related to the multiple selections in the inventory.
- The item went into the wrong inventory category when you swapped the items of different categories.
- The game became uncontrollable if you tried to drag items in the inventory while holding left and right mouse buttons.
- Meaningless numbers were displayed as the place you can obtain items in the item detail UI.
- The amount of damage became less than 1 in the difficulty settings Enjoy or Normal.
- You could duplicate items with Livestock Farm.
- The names of equipment skill weren't properly displayed in the crafting menu when you were playing in Chinese languages.
- Dash Board was slightly rotated when you moved to another island and came back.
- You couldn't deploy the building right after you obtained the same building items.
- Modified the texts in the crafting menu.
- Absorber didn't absorb dropped items for the first time after you deployed it.
- The game became uncontrollable when you interacted with a building by repeatedly pressing buttons.
- The Refinery UI didn't refresh when you moved multiple items at the same time.
- The Altar of Civilization UI had the items of a previous age right after you progressed age.
- The number of crafted items in Livestock Farm became 0 when the attached dropper dropped items.
- Exchanged the names of the items Log Stool and Tree Stump Stool, and they are now fixed.
- Plaster Wall and Wooden Corner Slope are now combustible.
- You couldn't place a floor onto 1/4 walls.
- Improved the display of consumable effects in the item detail UI.
- NPCs slightly moved even though they were idle.
- The shooting motion of the guns wasn't played properly when you continuously shot.
- The motion of the upper body got fixed under specific conditions.
- The reload timing of the gun was not synced with the motion.
- The internal timer of players' feces didn't reset when you used Toilet.
- Toilet didn't work when you kept sitting on it.
- The skill didn't take effect even though you spent costs if you cast the skill at the moment of landing.
- You couldn't craft or repair items if you didn't move when you loaded the game.
- You could fly with a lance under specific conditions.
- A player character moved forward while using axes or pickaxes even though you didn't press a movement key.
- A player character started stuttering while they ran down a slope.
- The character displayed in the inventory didn't move.
- The visual effects of the skill Time Lock remained after you went back to the title screen.
- The collider of tornado attacks of Griffin and Autumnal Griffin became smaller.
- Some bosses stopped moving and stopped performing any actions.
- Lizard Executioner sometimes couldn't cast a buff onto themselves.
- The attack of high-level Lizard Executioner appeared at a wrong position.
- The collider of some Dragon's attack was misplaced on a slope.
- The motion of Griffin wasn't looped properly while Griffin was turning around.
- Anubis in Hell smited players without meeting the conditions.
- Crocodiles stopped moving.
- Explosive Barrel and Punching Bag were placed at a wrong position when you placed them.
- Lizardmen couldn't perform jump attacks properly.
- You could summon more pets than the limitation under specific conditions.
- Greatly reduced the required time to repair equipment on Repairer.
- The cooldown of pets, which are defeated by the skill Animal Bomber, became shorter.
- You couldn't move backward while you were on the pets Giraffe, King Mono or Receptionist Fan.
- The DEF parameter of the pet Mono has been increased.
- The status of the pet Giraffe has increased.
- The pet behaved weirdly when you tried to perform an attack on the pet that cannot attack.
- You could sometimes summon more pets than its limit.
- The attack collider of Peko wasn't deactivated after they performed continuous kicks.
- You could respawn underground if you died while riding a vehicle or a pet.
- You couldn't complete Speeding Trial while you were riding on a pet. 
- Fixed the button icons of some missions.
- You couldn't progress the mission Earning 5000G by selling water.
- Fixed the visual effects of the skill Magnum Shot.
- The skill Mana Siphon didn't affect the skill Lightning Ball.
- The difficulty setting affected the Life cost of the skills.
- The bullets of the skill Runic Barrage didn't scatter when you shot them in the specific directions.
- The skill Magic Grasp wasn't deactivated by some magic skills.
- The skill Mana Siphon didn't affect the skills Iai Slash and Lightning Speed.
- The skill High Five could be activated with self attacks.
- The skills Native Alchemy and Fresh Alchemy converted all items to Sand in multiplayer.
- Anti-alias was disabled when the graphic setting was set to highest.
- The default icon was displayed when you stopped using a VRoid model.
- The rename button was displayed in VRoid model selection screen.
- The rotation axis of the VRoid model became slightly different when you changed the head equipment setting in VRoid setting menu.
- You could open VRoid setting menu even though you didn't use the VRoid model.
- You couldn't use Mod setting page with a controller.


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