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Craftopia Winter Content Update News

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UPDATE: The winter content update is now live, click here for details.

PocketPair the developers of Craftopia have been hard at work building more updates and trying to improve the game. They have been planning seasonal updates that will come out just about quarterly. The last big content update was the Fall Content update. Being the start of December they should be close to releasing the Winter Content update.

Some of the things that have been mentioned to be possibly included in the Winter Content Update were the following:

  • Monster Picture Book
  • New Island
  • New Bosses
  • Fishing system update
  • Farming system update
  • Island modding system
  • Thermal Power Plant
  • New Weapons (maybe Katana?)

Another big update they have been working towards is the Seamless map update. This is a new feature where instead of having lots of smaller islands to travel to you will just seamlessly move from island to island. I would guess this would be via raft or helicopter or maybe even swimming. My hope is they will still use the Altar of Transportation to easily “fast travel” to different locations.

Recently PocketPair offered some insight on their discord channel to let us know exactly when the Winter Content Update was coming. At first, they were targeting December 15th. But a newer message makes it seem like that will be delayed or maybe just part of the content will be delayed. Hopefully, they will offer some clarification since December 15th is rapidly approaching.

Part of their update from 11/27/2021

The winter update is planned to be released on Dec. 15th, and we're working very hard on the seamless update as well!
We'll continue to develop Craftopia to make it better and better. Thank you for your continued supports!

Their latest update on 12/1/2021 leaves some confusion

We will post the development status video of "Seamless Map Update" in December!

We had originally planned to release "Seamless Map Update" this year. Receiving feedback about the game from the community, we've been working to improve the overall quality and polish the level design. This results in the postponement of the release date of "Seamless Map Update".

And the content planned for this Winter Update below will also be postponed since we've realized they could be better and more satisfying content if we would sophisticate them.

List of the content postponed:
• Mysterious Dungeon
• Monster Picture Book
• New Island

We'll announce it again once the video of "Seamless Map Update" is ready! Stay tuned!

I’m hoping this latest message just means that those few content additions of the Winter Update are being postponed so it can be further polished and the rest of the content will go with the Winter Update to be released December 15th.

Let us know in the comments what you are looking forward to in the coming updates. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for Craftopia guides and tips and other gaming videos.

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