Craftopoia March Xbox HotFix Update News

Craftopia Xbox March Hot Fix and News

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PocketPair pushed out a new Hot Fix update for Xbox players of Craftopia today. The HotFix addresses the issue when Dark Anubis would not spawn on Hell island. It also addresses some other issues with certain islands not working correctly. Here is a post from their discord:

Thank you for playing the Xbox version of Craftopia.

We've just released the hotfix patch for the Xbox version of Craftopia at 19:00 JST on Mar. 9th today.
Here's the list of changes:
• Fixed the bug that Dark Anubis didn't spawn in the hell.
We've been reported other bugs since the last update on Feb. 25th, and we're working on them to fix them.
• The game cannot be played correctly on some islands.
We're investigating and testing other cases as well.

We're terribly sorry for the inconveniences you've experienced in the Xbox version of Craftopia.

Thank you for your patience and your continued support.
Craftopia Development Team
Craftopia Xbox HotFix Update And Development News

Also, PocketPair gave us a development update on what they are working on for the upcoming updates slated for release. A new boss dungeon rush and some updates on how we might be able to travel around the seamless map when that update comes out.

Thank you for playing Craftopia. This is the development status report for February.

▼ Major Developments
• Boss Rush Dungeon
"Boss Rush Dungeon," which we had called "Mysterious Dungeon," is the dungeon where you will consecutively challenge strong enemies to go as deep as you can. The deeper, the stronger enemies will be! You might find it challenging since some floors may have a different environment from the ordinary battleground.

• Enchantment Scroll
You can use "Enchantment Scroll" to apply a specific enchantment to the weapon of your choice. You will receive Enchantment Scrolls as the rewards of Boss Rush Dungeon in the first place. We're considering adding other ways to obtain Enchantment Scrolls by the time of the release of Seamless Map Update.

Of course, we've been working on other things such as weapons, furniture, pets, bug fixes, and QoL changes as well!

We reveal a bit of additional information on the Seamless Map Update.

We'll add "Warp Portal(tentative)" which allows you to teleport from place to place instantly in the Seamless Map Update! This item may address the potential anxiety "how will we roam around the way larger world without any troubles?" we believe.

Please note that "Warp Portal(tentative)" is under development, and its model and design are still subject to change.

The development of Craftopia has been slowly progressing since we're working on the normal major update and the Seamless Map Update at the same time. However, we've been working on several issues to address with the help of much feedback from the community.

We'll keep you updated with the development status reports, and we'll announce the release date of the next major update when it's decided. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your continued support!

Craftopia Development Team

I always thought they would use the Altar of Transportation in the seamless map update to make those fast travel stations. But it seems like they like the idea of adding a Warp Portal to the game.

I love the idea of enchantment scrolls. I have a lot of nice weapons that I would like to add just one more enchant to make them usable in every situation. And I am extremely excited about a new dungeon type where you fight a series of bosses that only get more and more difficult.

Stay tuned here for more Craftopia news on hotfixes and updates. Also, subscribe to our Youtube channel for more tips and Craftopia news.

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