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What do you use Gold for in Craftopia?

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What do you use Gold for in Craftopia?

Advance Ages

In Craftopia each Age has a gold requirement. Here are the gold requirements for each age:

  • Agricultural Age – 100 Gold
  • Frontier Age – 2,000 Gold
  • Renaissance Age – 10,000 Gold
  • Industrial Age – 20,000 Gold
  • Innovative Age of Fire – 10,000,000 Gold
  • Age of Scientific Research – 30,000,000 Gold

See this post for a full breakdown of how to Advance Ages in Craftopia.

Repair Weapons

As you use your weapons they will lose durability. Eventually, your item will break unless you repair your weapon. You can repair your weapon from your inventory or hotbar. Or you can build a repair station (or skill repair station) and repair your weapons there. But each time you repair a weapon there is a gold cost associated with it.

You spend gold to repair weapons

Harvest Seeds and Improve Them

Craftopia - Extracting seeds costs gold
Extracting seeds costs gold

There are two ways to improve seeds in the game. 

You can craft a seed harvester, the seed harvester allows you to drop in a crop and then get a percent chance to extract zero or multiple seeds from the crop given. Each time you do this there is a gold cost associated with it.

There is also a breed improvement plant where you put in the crop and you have a percent chance to get a random seed that can either be the same crop you have, a lesser level crop, or a very rare chance of improving to a better crop. This process also comes at a gold cost.

Click here for more info on farming and seeds.

Buying items from merchants

You can find a Merchant Smith scattered around several islands. The merchant sells a variety of weapons, shields, and resources with a mix and match of various enchantments. But everything comes with a gold price so having gold is a must if you want to buy items from merchants. And sometimes it is easier to buy items from merchants instead of building them yourself.

You can follow this video on how to build a merchant farm and get good weapons and items with decent enchants. 

Build a merchant farm to spend your gold

Resetting your skills

The first time you reset your skill points you can do it for no charge. But after that every time you want to reset your skill points and respec your character it costs 100,000 Gold. Since you can make it back very quickly it never hurts to reset your skill points and play around with some different character builds.

How to get Gold

Sell Weapons/Items

The most obvious and easy way to make gold is to sell any extra weapons or items you have and don’t want to keep at your market. You have an early game mission where you craft a market so this should be one of the first things you learn.

My suggestion is to not do this too often. Maybe very early in the game if you need gold and cannot make it via the next two methods you can sell extra weapons, shields, or items but once you start making gold from crops or farms you should be offering those extra items.

Sell Crops

Selling peaches in a market to get gold
Selling peaches in a market to get gold

Selling crops from a farm is one of the quickest and easiest methods to make gold. You can get seeds from killing black-tailed gulls or goblins and start a farm quickly. Once you advance far enough you can craft a breed improvement plant to improve your seeds.

As soon as you get to pineapple or peaches you can keep farming and selling those for a very high rate. See this guide for farming.

Livestock farm

Using a Jack-O-Lantern livestock farm to make money
Using a Jack-O-Lantern livestock farm to make money

Livestock farms can also be a great way to passively make money. If you set up a farm with a green mono set up to heal the animal in the breeder you can drop the “farmed” items into a market and have it auto sell. Using Jack-O-Lanterns is the best thing to farm because they shoot out pumpkins really fast and pumpkins sell for good money.

But you can really sell any goods you get from animals if you set up enough of them they will give you a steady income of gold.

If you need more Craftopia tips check out and subscribe to our Youtube channel. There is a lot more content and tips there.

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