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Craftopia Xbox Update News

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The Winter Content update for Craftopia was released almost a month ago on Steam. Xbox users have been wondering when and if they will get the new updates. The Winter Content update brought two new bosses, katanas, a biplane, and so much more to Craftopia. It’s a shame that Xbox players still haven’t gotten an update.

Today on Discord we finally got an update on the development status of Xbox. It’s not great news but at least it is better than radio silence. I appreciate it a lot more when devs are being completely honest and transparent with progress.

Craftopia Xbox Update News for January

Regarding the Xbox Winter update:
A big apology to the Xbox community for the delay so far. I can't go into too much detail but the process of developing and uploading updates for Xbox is not as straightforward as PC and sadly some things can go wrong. We do see all your messages and tweets though and really the whole team is sorry for the continued delay. As soon as we can provide you with an definite answer we ask that you please just wait a little while longer. Sorry!

Not much of an update but at least they are acknowledging that it is a development problem and we are not waiting on others to get this Xbox update out. Stay tuned to our site and as soon as we hear of an official timeline we will post about it.

Craftopia Seamless World Update for January

Regarding the Seamless World video which was promised in December:
Unfortunately this was delayed due to the team not really having time to record the video. The team is working hard on the update itself but promise to record the latest developments and get a trailer out for you within the next few weeks! Sorry for the delay with the trailer!

Once again the seamless world/map update is still in progress. They announced with the winter update that an announcement and trailer were forthcoming. But still no word on when we will see that trailer. Hopefully, it will be soon.

Stay tuned here for more info and subscribe to our Youtube channel for Craftopia Tips and updates.

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