craftopia winter content update

Craftopia Winter Content Released

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Craftopia Winter Content Released

Today PocketPair released the winter content update for Craftopia. So far the update has only been on Steam and I imagine it might take a few days for this update to get to consoles. If we are lucky it will release later tonight but I will update this post as we find out more when the content update hits consoles.

Looking through the patch notes it looks like we are getting some really cool new toys to play with within this update. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Gravity Gloves
  • Fishery (new fishing system with a cast net)
  • New status effects
  • New field boss (Fafnir) located on the Island of Big Bridge
  • Fishing Boat and Trick Glider
  • New drop from God Anubis
  • Lively Market
  • New weapon abilities
  • Picture Book rewards for blueprints
  • Thermal Power Station (new building)
  • New Gacha Coins
  • New tameable mobs (Anubis, Kraken, Lonewolf, Stone Golem)
  • Biplane

There is a ton of new content, updates, and fixes that came with this. Lots of awesome stuff to go through and it really excites me that they are pushing this much out.

Below are the full patch notes:

We're aware of the bug that the player character gets stuck under the situation below. We're investigating the case to fix it. If you happen to experience the bug, please retrieve building materials to avoid getting stuck forever.
- Place the building materials onto the player character;
- Place the floor items above and below the player character, place Billboard in-between, then move to stand onto the Billboard.

◆ Critical Bug Fixes and Improvements
- Greatly changed the systems related to the life of vehicles.
• Removed DoT damage
• Damage taken and dealt will vary depenging on the speed of vehicles
• Vehicles will now take damage when they hit an object at a certain speed or faster
• Enemies' attacks will deal damage to vehicles
- "Lock-on camera" has been added. By default, you can turn it On/Off with the Q key on keyboard, or the cross key LEFT on gamepad.
- For those who have been hosting dedicated server,
the directory of the settings file and the save data of dedicated server have been changed from AppData to the same hierarchy as .exe(.86_64).
- The key binding for hotkeys have been reset due to the operation modification. If you want to change it, please rebind it from the Setting menu.
- Please note that due to the refurbishment of the network core part, when you match with a version of Craftopia older than November 2021, error message "Version is wrong" will not be displayed on the connection.
- The inventory operation has been changed significantly. Please note that there are great changes from the existing operation method. Along with this, convenient functions such as Quick Stack that replenishes items at once from chests have been added.
- Lock function for equipment items has been added. You would no longer inadvertently destroy your valuable equipment!
◆ Newly Added Content
- A new system" Fishery "has been added.
As for the "Fish Shadow" on the sea of each map, you can pull up various items by shooting the item "Cast Net".
- "Fish Shadow" can be located with item "Detector".
- If you fish in the morning (3 am to 9 pm) in the game, you will get a bonus and items you can harvest will increase.
- "Fish Shadow" disappears upon harvesting multiple times, but it will pop up in another place.
- Please note that there are no Fish Shadows in the following maps.
・ Island of Beginnning
・ Island of Fire and Sand
・ Forest Island of Poison
・ Hell
- New status effects have been added.
Chilled: The movement speed and attack speed will slow down due to extreme coldness.
Frozen: Player will be frozen completely and become inoperable for a certain period of time, and the damage received will increase. However, if you hit it with an attack, the ice will break.
Charged: If you are attacked near a charged part, additional damage caused by a certain percentage of the damage received will come along. In addition, additional damage will spread to surrounding targets.
- A new field boss" Fafnir "is here.
Fafnir seems to be sealed by the Paladins on the "Island of the Big Bridge" with an island level of 5 or higher.
As long as you don't hurt a unsealed Fafnir, it would just sleeps quietly, but once it wakes up it will show its evil fangs.
- The amount of Poison or Hellfire that equipment can apply is now displayed on the item detail screen.- Added new items that are craftable at Workbench.
• Artificial Bedrock of Copper
• Artificial Bedrock of Silver
• Artificial Bedrock of Gold
- Added a new item that is craftable at Blacksmith.
• Gravity Glove
You can lift and carry deployed buildings when you're equipped with Gravity Glove.
- A new item has been added. You can craft at Potion Brewing Stand.
- Soul Water
- Physical Water
Each of above can cure some of the status effects which could not be covered by Holy Water before.
- Now you can detect schools of fish and meteorites with a detector.
- New item has been added. You can craft it at Workbench.
- Cast Net
- A new item has been added. It is available as a reward for fishery.
-Old Cloth Wet with Seawater
-Fishing Boat Blueprint
-Trick Glider Blueprint
You can craft "Captain Hat" by collecting multiple pieces of "Old Cloths Wet with Seawater".
- New fish has been added. Only available in Fishery.
The fish that can be obtained varies from islands.
- Oarfish
- Giant squid
- Blue whale
- Coelacanth
- Sunfish
- Giant Isopod
- Mendako
- Blobfish
- Adjusted items ejection rules and probabilities for treasure boxes.
- New items will now be available from Elite Reward Bags dropped by elite monsters. You can earn rewards by offering items to Quest NPCs.
- Now the God Anubis will drop the magic wand "Anubis's Golden Tin Rod" on rare occasions though, please refrain from blasphemy.
- New building "Lively Market" has been added. More items can be sold at one time compared to "Market".
- New abilities have been added to the following weapons.
-The following weapons have been given a special ability to grant the status effect "Chilled".
▽ One-Handed Sword
Blue Rose Edge I-IV
▽ Spear
Blue Dragon Crescent Blade

-The following weapons have been given a special ability to grant the status effect "Frozen".
▽ One-Handed Sword
Frost Rose Edge

-The following weapons have been given a special ability to gratnt the status effect "Charged".
▽ One-Handed Sword
Wirbelwind I-IV
▽ Two-Handed Sword
- New equipments have been added. You can craft using "Fafnir's Anger" dropped by the new boss.
-One-Handed Sword "Siegfried"
-Two-Handed Sword "Balmung"
-Bow "Brynhildr"
-Spear "Hildebrand"
-Magic Wand "Lorelei" "
- A new item has been added. You can craft at Workbench.
-Cacao Seedling
-Agave Seedling
-Broad-leaved Tree Seedling (Yellow)
-Broad-leaved Tree Seedling (Red)
- New items have been added. You can craft at BlackSmiths.
-Chilled Arrow
-Frozen Arrow
-Electroshock Arrow
- New equipments "Sword" have been added. You can craft at Blacksmith or Skilled Blacksmith.
-Wooden Sword
-Nodachi (Field Sword)
-Poison Sword
-Joro Spider
-Joro Spider・True Hit

In addition, the following swords can be obtained from treasure boxes.
-Blowfish Toxin
-Landry Pole Ōdachi
- New head and body equipments have been added. You can craft at Hatter or Skilled Blacksmith.
-Pomegranate Hakama
-Kyanite Hakama
-Topaz Hakama

-Beast Hunter Coat Red
-Beast Hunter Coat Blue
-Beast Hunter Coat Yellow
-Beast Hunter Tricorn Red
-Beast Hunter Tricorn Blue
-Beast Hunter Tricorn Yellow
- The Picture Book Offering Reward for Blueprints has been added.
- New building "Thermal Power Station" has been added.
Every time whne you burn a certain number of unnecessary items, a battery will be generated.
Coal and crude oil have high combustion efficiency, and will generate batteries more efficiently.
This will frees NPCs from the hard work.
- Added 3 types of accessories for tamers.
- Mono Tamer Scarf
- Lizard Tamer Scarf
- Griffin Tamer Scarf
- Added new gacha coins "Equipment Gacha Coin" and "Material Gacha Coin".
By throwing them into the Prism Gacha, "Equipment Gacha Ball" filled with weapons and armors, and "Material Gacha Ball" filled with materials will be dropped respectively.
Equipment Gacha Coin can be obtained by defeating bosses, and Material Gacha Coins can be obtained from Quest NPC.
- Added the new sword "Demon Sword Sakura-fubuki" which has "Frozen" effect.
You can obtain it by offering items to NPCs.
- Added "Fish Tank" and "Big Fish Tank" as item stands! Please enjoy viewing your favorite fish!
- Added "Semi-Transparent Tiny Item Stand"! It can be attached to various places! If you want to put fish into the aquarium, you may want to put this in the aquarium!
- Added "Wall-Mounted Billboard"! It can be attached to the wall, which has been requested by many players.
- Added "Katana Rack"! You can display your katanas and sheaths on it.
- Added "Medieval" and "Fortified City" furniture series! There are 91 new items in these series!
- "King Mono Doll" has been added! This doll is as big as actual King Mono!
- Huge building block series has been added! Make full use of Gravity Gloves and play Jenga with them!
- Added "6-sided Dice", "8-sided Dice", "10-sided Dice", "12-sided Dice", and "20-sided Dice"! Throwing them with Gravity Gloves to have fun!!
- Added "Semi-transparent Install Type Tiny Item Stand"!
- Added "Lava Floor" and "Lava Sloping Floor"! It seems difficult to walk on these floors.
- Especially for weapons that used mainly for normal attacks, 6 types of enchantments that appear from treasure boxes have been added.

- Added 14 new body colors.
- A new weapon type "Sword" has been released.
・Switch between "Drawing Sword" and "Returning Sword", "Detect" enemy's attack brilliantly and stagger with high firepower.
・The operation and movement is a little bit tricky, and you cannot expect firepower unless you master the skill "Detect", so it is a weapon for professionals.

<Special specifications>
・"Detect" will be activated when "Returning Sword", "Iai A", and "Iai Dash A" are activated.
・If you are hit by enemy's attack during "Detect", the attack will be invalidated and you will get a "Detect Buff".
・Become invincible during the combo (while the blue effect appears) after the player "Detect" successfully.
・With "Detect Buff" the number of combos will increase.
・You can use high-power attacks such as "Single Thrust" and "Swordplay" by consuming "Detect Buff".
・Up to 6 "Detect Buffs" can be stocked.
・Up to 15% of the melee skill damage increase effect will be granted according to the number of "Detect Buff" stocked.
・The skill "Avoid" cannot be used.
・If you activate the skills "Lightning Stone Fire", "Beat with a Single Blow", and "Iai Slash" while returning sword, the skill will be activated faster and will return to the sword-in-scabbard status at the end.
・ L on standby: Draw the sword
・ R on standby: Return the sword
・ L while drwaing the sword (normal combo): Slash A → Slash B → Slash C → Slash D (1 Detect buff 1 or more) → Slash E (3 Detect buff or more)
・ Jump while drwaing the sword: Jump Slash
・ L during junp slash: Dive Slash
・ R while drawing the sword: Return the sword
・ Slash A, Slash B, Slash C, Slash D, Iai Dash C, Single Thrust, R in Swordplay: Return the sword (only for cancellation timing after attack)
・ L while returning the sword: Iai A → Iai B → (Hereafter, goes to Slash C)
・ R while returning the sword: Iai Dash A → Iai Dash B → Iai Dash C
・ Crouch while drawing the sword: To standby
・ Crouch while returning the sword: To standby
・ Jump while returning the sword: To draw the sword
・ Sprint while standby / sword returning: Sword Returning Sprint
・ LR: Single Thrust (4~5 Detect buffs, invincible during attack)
・ LR: Swordplay (6 Detect buffs, invincible during attack, Detect buff disappears after use)
* Left click = L, right click = R, simultaneous click of lest and right = LR

<Recommended skills>
・ Two Handed: Necessary skill for sword equipments
- A new skill "Freezing Ray" has been added. This skill can freeze the enemies.
- A new skill "Samurai" has been added. It will be a skill exclusively for swords.
- Increased the level cap of players to 60. Completing a special mission will unlock the level cap.
- A new boss will spawn from the ground of "Island of Fire and Sand" above a certain island Lv.
- Most of the enemies will sometimes take a nap now.
- A new elite "Induce" has been added.
Install landmines to mitigate attacks from long distance.
- A new kind of advanced elite has been added.
- At island level 5 and above, when an advanced elite spawns, there is a certain posibility that it will turn into a more powerful super elite.
- The pet "Horse" can now jump.
- The following mobs can be tamed as pets.
• Anubis
• Stone Golem
• Kraken
• Lonewolf

Each pet has the following special abilities:
Anubis: Apply the buff increasing the amounf of EXP you gain sometimes;
Stone Golem: Apply the buff increasing your DEF sometimes.
Kraken: Apply the buff increasing Mana consume rate but shortening skill cooldowns sometimes;
Lonewolf: Apply the debuff decreasing DEF to the enemies sometimes when Lonewolf attacks.
- Added the pet "Hell Chicken". They use the power of the hell to produce materials that can strengthen other pets sometimes.
- Cloud storage expansion missions have been added, and you can increase cloud storage capacity with Mission Category Rewards.
- Two new trials have been added. It may occur when you open a new island with island Lv4 or higher.
- Added the new skill "Cyclone". This wind magic will chop while dragging in a lot of enemies.
- Added the new skill "Nutrition Absorption". This skill allows you to efficiently absorb nutrition from food items.
- New skill "A Piece of Cake has been added.
- Added the skill "Leap Strike". You can reduce DEF of the enemy by hitting their head.
- Added the skill "Warp Shift". You can move at high speed as fast as the thrown sword.
- Added the difficulty "Hell". Difficulty can be changed in Game Setteing or on the World Creation screen.
- Auto Contrast function has been added. When you go to a dark place, it will automatically adjust to appropriate brightness, and it can be switched on the Setting menu.
- New function has been added so now players can set password and maximum number of players when hosting multiplayer.

◆ Balance Adjustments
- Adjusted the EXP required to level up and the EXP obtainable from enemies.
This change address the issue that it took significant amount of time to reach a new level after and around the mid-game.
We're focusing on clearing dungeon and defeating bosses to make this adjustment. You will find it easier to reach a new level when you defeat bosses.

- Adjusted the rules regardinf the amount of EXP obtainable from enemies. The amount of EXP obtained will vary depending on the level of a player character.
- Categorized the bosses into groups according to their strength internally. The more powerful they are, the more EXP you can obtain from them.
(e.g.: King Mono isn't so strong so they grant a bit less EXP, while Dragon grant more.)
- Categorized the mobs on the field into groups according to their strength as well.
(e.g.: Mono grant less EXP, while Crocodile grant more.)
- Set the recommended level for each island along with the adjustments above. You will obtain less EXP if the level of a player character is higher then the recommended level.
- It will take longer than before to level up especially in the early-game.
- Adjusted the amount of EXP obtainable from completing missions.
- One-Handed Sword generated by "Unlimited Fake Blade" can no longer be offered to the picture book.
- Reduced the materials required for crafting "Firearms".
- Increased the amount of guns ammunition that can be crafted at one time.
- Adjusted the durability balance between vehicles along with the adjustment of life of vehicles.
- The item "Campfire" had been craftable only on the workbench, but you can now craft it from the inventory.
But some crafting facilities which had been craftable from the inventory, are only craftable on the workbench.
- The rank setting of "Low & Dark Wooden Item Stand" was incorrect, and it has been changed to correct value.
- "Holy Water" can now cure "Confusion".
- The possibility that "Meteorites" will fall has been greatly increased.
- Enchantment "Hand-washed" will no longer appear from treasure boxes.
- The roadability of "Wooden Hoverboard" has been adjusted to be lower than that of "Hoverboard".
- Improved the roadability of "Hoverboard" on the water.
- Adjusted the behaviour of some vehicles.
- Increasing the skill level of "Hell's Blaze" will now reduce Mana consumption slightly.
- Buffed the damage of the dual-wielding. In particular, greatly increased the damage of "Dive Slash" and "Ground Rush".
- Greatly buffed the damage of "Spear Throwing" and "Jumping Spear Throwing".
- Increased the chance of "Unstoppable", "Magic Grasp", and "Fast Cast" when dual-wielding from 15% to 25%.
- You'll have SA instead of HA while concentrating with Magic Staff.
- Now Hyper Armor will be hold while the enemy is running back to the territory.
- Multiple enemies will now use the status effect Frozen, Chill, and Electro.
- Adjusted "Chill" and "Frozen" resistance of enemies.
- Adjusted the behaviors of "Griffin" and "Autumnal Griffin".
- "Tyrant Snake" has been adjusted in various ways.
- "Fenrir" has been adjusted in various ways.
- The range of the Ancient Golem's laser attack has been changed to the distance from the center of the boss's room, instead of the distance from the boss.
- Various adjustments have been made to the boss "Bone Dragon", including the addition of gimmicks.
- Adjusted some actions of "Anubis" in Hell.
- Enchantments are now attached to the "Hard Feather" dropped by "Griffon" on the Island of Fallen Leaves.
- Adjusted the hitbox of Kraken's melee attack.
- Elites will no longer spawn in the central square of Big Bridge on "Island of Big Bridges".
Also, the spawning interval has been significantly extended.
- Adjusted the damage amount of attacks from "Goblin Cardinal".
- Now advanced elites will not go back to territory during attacks.
- Adjusted some attacks of "Goblin Cardinal" and "Lizard Guillotine".
- "Armor Polishing" can no longer be used when only Shield is equipped.
- The "Armor Polishing" buff will now be canceled when switching weapons.
- Buffs of the skills "Unstoppable" and "Rune Stream" will be removed only when taking damage now.
- Increased the invincibility time of skills "Ducking" and "Acrobatic" by 1.5 times.
- Reduced the Mana consumption of the skill "Triple Slash" by 20%.
- Adjusted the skill "Bash Enhancement"
- Change tier to 1
- Changed maximum skill level to 3
- Greatly increased the amount of damage increase
- Adjusted the cooldown of the skill "Storm Arrow".
- Increased the cooldown of the skill "Judgment Shot" by 1 sec, and added the Electro effect to the electric shock of the skill.
- Adjusted the skill "Blooming Strike".
- Changed maximum skill level to 4
- Greatly shortened the cooldown
- Slightly increased the damage other than one of the last strike
- Adjusted the skill "Lightning Bolt".
- Added the Electro effect
- Reduced the damage in consideration of the damage increased by Electro effect
- Reduces cohesiveness when concentrating
- Adjusted the skill "Resurrection".
- Changed maximum skill level to 4
- Increased the base cooldown and shortened the cooldown as the skill level increases
- Halved the duration of the buff of the skill "Magic Grasp", and doubled the amount of damage increase.
- Adjusted the skill "Frost Mine":
- Changed tier to 4
- Added Frozen effect
- Adjusted the skill "High Resurrection".
- Changed maximum skill level to 4
- Decreased Mana consumption as the skill level increases
- Adjusted the skill "Protection".
- Changed maximum skill level to 3
- Greatly reduced Mana consumption
- Greatly increased buff duration and increased cooldown
- Adjusted the skill "Summon Meteor".
- Invulnerable to attacks when activating the skill
- Greatly reduced Mana consumption
- Increased the damage of the skill "Unlimited Fake Blade" by 20%.
- Adjusted the skill "Miasma".
- Greatly reduced Mana consumption and cooldown
- Nerfed the amount of poison
- Greatly buffed the MATK ratio affecting the amount of poison
◆ Functional Improvements
- You can now switch between sub-weapons by long pressing the Dash key (keyboard Shift, GamePat R3) and using the hotkeys.
- Characters that cannot be used in file names are now not able to be used in character names too.
- Items that cannot be long pressed in hotbar have been changed, and now it will be used the moment when the button is pressed.
- When selecting a higher craft facility in the Creative Tool, the craft list of the lower craft facility will also be displayed at the same time.
- Improved item selection navigation with gamepads in inventory. The Down button will no longer misselect items in the stack box.
- Now when you open a level 1 island for the first time, "Islands Where People Live" will always be drawn.
- Display color of the influence range of Amulet Flag on the map has been changed to blue.
- The visual effect of dropped item is now displayed for common items too.
- The glittering visual effect is now displayed for items growing on the map such as mushrooms.
- Changed the Chest UI from scrolling to page switching, and it will now display up to 24 item slots per page.
- The vehicle will now appear on water when the Prism containing vehicle hits the surface of the water.
- The long-awaited new vehicle "Biplane" has been added.
It is a new vehicle that can move in the sky at high speed.
It is difficult to handle, but it is possible to strafing and launch high-powered missiles during flight.
The crafting cost is also high, so be careful not to land on the water even if you make a mistake.
- Now the position of elite monsters will be displayed on the map when a detector is equipped.
- Fixed the icon of "Old Rag".
- Changed the way to switch the camera of vehicle to toggle type.
- Improved the icons of seedling items to make them easier to identify.
- The effect of Absorber has been adjusted lightly.
- Now the access terminals for automated buildings will be set on both sides.
- Building materials such as "Wooden Walls" can now be placed in Snap Mode by pressing the G key.
- "High-speed Belt Conveyor" will no longer be burnable.
- The number of slots for "Container" and "Large Capacity Container" have been doubled respectively.
- The size of the lantern has been reduced.
- Now the door placement prediction has the same behavior as wall placement prediction. This makes it easier to align the door with the door frame.
- The height and rotation of exhibits on "Item Stand" can now be adjusted.
- The rotation of exhibition image of "Item Frame" can now be adjusted.
- The name of the building aimed with "Retrieve Rod" will be displayed.
- To avoid the setting prediction of building from overlapping the player, the camera will slightly shift to the right when the building is equipped.
- Changed the appearance of hit effects of weapons such as swords.
- The running motion and dash motion of player characters have been changed.
- Fixed the bug that the part of the character player's body would be colored white when they enter the water.
- Changed the punching motions.
- Added the variants of idle motions.
- Slightly adjusted the water depth so that player's swimming motions don't look weird.
- Adjusted the behaviour when player starts to turn or sprint.
- Increased the variety of player's animations displayed on the inventory screen.
- Added "180-degree Turn" to player's running and sprint.
- Added the Bank Control which will tilt the posture when players turn their direction while runnning.
- Player's shadow will now be displayed while using skill "Stealth".
- You can now fly with "Griffin Wings" by holding the jump button instead of pressing it repeatedly.
- Now attacks can be avoided even while crouching.
- As for tank, now if the crosshair and the barrel are close to each other to some extent, the bullets will be fired at the crosshair.
- The design of the player's Life display has been changed to gauge type. Also, if Life exceeds 1000, it will be displayed as percentage.
- Improved the skill description of "Hell's Blaze".
- The name of the skill "Detect" has been changed to "Ducking".
- Players will only move forward while pressing the movement keys when they perform the skills "Blooming Strike", "Ground Rush" of dual-wielding, and "Sword Fight" of katana.
- Now up to 10 buff / debuff icons can be displayed horizontally. when there are 10 or more, the chat field will be moved up to avoid being covered.
- Now exclusive effects will be shown when the Ice Armor of "Fenrir" is destroyed.
- The camera is now automatically adjusted so that you can see widely during some attacks of "Hydra".
- The Life display on mobs, enemies, animals and so on has been improved and now easier to see.
- The spawning position of advanced elites and super elites will now be displayed on the map.
- The pets' bodies will disappear sooner when they are defeated.
- Damage indication has been removed for Friendly Fire from pets.
- The message will notify you that you cannot retrieve pets when you try to do so under the situations you cannot retrieve them.
- Changed the visual effect of the skill "High Five" to a unique visual effect.
- Release conditions have been added to the page of Tamer Skills.
- Adjusted the camera of the skill "Hell's Blaze".
- You can now change the volume of mob sound effects on the Volume Setting screen.
- In Option menu, maximum value of Drawing Distance has been changed from 5,000 to 10,000, and the minimum Rendering Accuracy has been changed from 1.0 to 0.9.
- Now you can change the upper limit of Drop Items in Option. Increasing the upper limit may make the game run slow.
- Automatic Contrast Adjustment function has been added. It can be turned On/Off in Option, and it is On by default.
- Description of rendering accuracy has been added.
- The option to change the drawing distance of grass has been added to Graphic Setting.
- Key assignment for switching the camera of airplane has been added to Key Setting page.
- Added vehicle and pet riding dismount button assignments in Key Setting.
- You can now change font size via setting menu on home screen.
- Fixed the problem that the VRoid TransparentWithZWrite material did not display properly.
- Alleviated the symptom that the camera looks jerky regardless of the frame rate.
◆ Performance Improvements
- The number of grape meshes has been reduced due to the heavy load while collecting grapes.
- Fixed he phenomenon that the FPS drops extremely due to the Kraken's Ink Spitting attack.
- Reduced the loading time when you start a game.

◆ Network
- Items to specify the Password, Maximum Number of Players, and Save Data Folder Path have been added to Dedicated Server Settings.
- Fixed an internal error which occur when try to play grenades and other sound effects on the Dedicated Server.
- DedicatedServer of Linux version has been released.
Available on SteamCMD.
◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed the amount of increasing parameter of fishery products, sushi, shakes, herbal dishes, special dishes, and monstrous dishes when you offer them to Picture Book.
- Fixed the bug that clicking outside the pop-up frame in Creative Mode Tutorial would make it impossible to proceed.
- Fixed the bug that equipment in the stack box could not be unequipped by right-clicking.
- Fixed the bug that the cherry blossom trees would look white when seen from a distance.
- Fixed the bug that the weapon "Kayomart" was craftable in the blacksmith.
- Since an unimplemented effect was assigned to the enchantment "Hunter's", the effect content has been changed.
- Fixed the bug that the world level setting for the item "Chemicals" was incorrect.
- Corrected the incorrect designation of furnace available for process in the description of some ores.
- The names of some blueprints were incorrect and have been corrected.
- Fixed the passive skill level of "Boar Mask".
- Fixed the bug that items would multiply if player tried to exchange items in Refinery for items that couldn't be placed in Refinery.
- Fixed the bug that the display of the Refining Upper Limit value is incorrect when player started the game with weapon in the Refining Source Chest of "Refinery" and then open the Chest.
- Automated buildings such as automatic assembly machines or containers have been unburnable.
- Fixed the bug that the displayed cost of "Seed Extractor" was unintentionally low. This bugfix doesn't change the actual cost.
- Fixed the bug that the Snap Mode UI wasn't displayed correctly when you were equipped with some of building materials such as walls.
- Fixed the bug that Artificial Bedrock would burn because of "Torch" and so on.
- Fixed the bug that the "Collecting Rod" does not work properly if you used "Collecting Rod" while holding the "Livestock Farm".
- Fixed the display bug what the overlapping parts would flash when arranging the walls of the 1/4 wall series.
- Fixed the bug that seeds planted on Farming Plots and Planters were not loaded properly when moving between islands or starting the game.
- Fixed the bug that rotation could not be done by entering R key and T key during the setting prediction of modular furnitures.
- Fixed the bug that the lottery result of random enchantment may be different from the expectation.
- Fixed the bug that Life recovery boost effects of skills caused by enchantment was not reflected to other players.
- Fixed the horn's icon of the race "Demon",
- Fixed the bug that if you trigger the Attack Hit Detection during the invincible status such as "Avoid Action", after the invincible status ends, even if the Attack Hit Detection remains attack was not counted as hit.
- Reduced the hit stops of punch.
- The text displayed when the Mana retored has been corrected from "MP Recovery Amount" to "Mana Recovery Amount".
- Fixed the bug that shooting a gun with skill "Stealth" would not cause the bullet to fly in the intended direction.
- Reduced the issues that Animation Skip was too much for bosses, mid-bosses, and elite enemies.
- Fixed the bug that when "Auto Target" in Setting was enabled, even if you entered the Move key in some dash attacks, it still attacked in the direction of the target.
(Primarily the Move key was set to be priority.)
- Fixed the bug that the Bow was listed as a weapon for which skills "Master" and "Asura" can be used.
- Skill "Armor Polishing" can be used for Magic Wand now.
- Fixed the bug that change of character's name were not reflected immediately.
- Fixed the bug that warp was not activated when entering the dungeon warp zone due to movements like crouch.
- Fixed the bug that the data of maximum Life may not be transmitted correctly.
- The Mana consumption of the skills "Hell's Blaze" and "Freezing Ray" increases the longer you cast these skills.
- The "Slow" status effect no longer affects a glider.
- Fixed the bug that the effect displayed on enemies would be extremely smaller than the intended scale.
(e.g.: "Zzz" on sleeping sheep)
- Fixed the bug that the cooldown of skill "Mana Siphon" was 3 seconds.
- Fixed the bug that the player character didn't tilt to the direction of the movement key while skydiving.
- Fixed the bug that "!" mark would appear every time when you attacked some trash mobs. ( "!" mark would apprear every time for a limited part of enemies.)
- Fixed the bug where an item could be obtained with an enemy name that wouldn't drop the item.
- Fixed the bug that visual effect of charm was displayed in the wrong position.
- Fixed the bug that the angry facial expression of "King Mono" was different from expectation.
- Fixed the bug that "Breeding Facility S" didn't stop working even after the mobs on it died, and you couldn't place a new mob.
- Fixed the bug that the charmed "Orc Warrior" did not follow even if the player was equipped with a bell.
- Fixed the bug that Breeeding Facility would take damage when "Lizard Axe" was born.
- Fixed the bug that "Prince Mono" didn't produce anything at Livestock Farm.
- Fixed the bug that tutorial NPCs wouldn't speak on standby.
- Fixed the bug that the appearance of the guest's pet looked different in the other players' screen in multiplayer.
- Fixed the bug that appearance of guest's pets looked weird to other players in Multiplayer.
- Fixed the bug that the pet's cooldown would reset if the host was riding on the guest's pet in Multiplayer.
- Fixed the bug that when dash was toggled, dash could not be continued after the pet "Horse" jumps.
- Fixed the bug that pets may frequently switch between Follow and Standby status.
- Fixed the bug that a wrong message was displayed if you tried to summon a pet when the number of charmed mobs reached its limit.
- Fixed the bug that the pet level on the Pet Riding UI was not synced with the actual pet level.
- Fixed the bug that in some missions the description about Life remained in the state before the specification change.
- Fixed the bug related to the collider of the pillars in boss room in "Abandoned Mine".
- Fixed the bug that the quest rewards were not enchanted sometimes.
- Fixed the bug that the ladder at "Abandoned Mine" couldn't be climbed.
- Reduced the gap between the appearance of lava and its hitbox.
- Fixed the bug that the skill "High Five" was triggered when you attacked a pet.
- Fixed the bug that "Suspicious Spices" could be cultivated with skill.
- Fixed the gap in the Skill icon UI.
- Fixed the bug that using the skill "Mantra" while its buff was active could restored Mana.
- Fixed a bug in the damage calculation formula of the skill "Hell's Blaze" so that the power is equivalent to the skill description. The damage has been increased compared to before the fix, and is now subject to the effects of Rune Stream.
- Fixed the bug that attributes would overlap when switching attribute arrows while the skill "Magical Quiver" is activated.
- Fixed the bug that the skill "Maintenance" was not triggered.
- Fixed the bug that you shot an arrow when you used the skill "Native Alchemy" while you were equipped with an arrow.
- Fixed the bug that the sound effect of the skill "Time Lock" wouldn't stop when returning to the title screen.
- Fixed the bug that you could hear the explosion sound when you throw a grenade.
- Reduced the bug that you could still hear the sound effect of enemies when you were far away from them.
- Fixed the bug that some sound effects were heard even if the volume was set to 0.
- Fixed the bug that only simplified Chinese characters disappeared in the dropdown on the World Creation screen.
- Fixed the problem that VRoid animations would not play on the Inventory screen.
- Fixed the bug that "Wooden Hoverboard" on the field would be replaced with "Hoverboard" when loading save data.
- Fixed some hairstyles didn't match with their icons in the character creation screen. 

Keep an eye on our YouTube account. As the winter content update drops for Xbox I will have some videos testing out some of the new additions.


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