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Elden Ring Gameplay Preview

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Bandai NAMCO has released about 15 minutes of Elden Ring Gameplay. Some of this we have seen in earlier trailers but this is actual gameplay and shows some interesting bits and pieces about how the game works. They detail some very cool-looking visuals and gameplay elements.

Some highlights:

  • Open world
  • Dragon battles
  • Talking pots?
  • Map can be acquired by finding Map Fragments
  • Set map markers to help find enemies or crafting materials
  • Beacons can be placed on the map and then seen in world
  • Horses are key to travel and can be summoned
  • Item Crafting
  • Stealth gameplay mechanics
  • Varying attacks per weapon
  • Lootable carriages
  • Summon spirits to assist in battle
  • Online multiplayer, coop, PvP, and invasions
  • Magic looks amazing (Dragon head ability?)
  • Variaton of dungeons, catacombs, and mines. With loot and bosses
  • Larger dungeons can connect seamlessly with open world
  • Dungeons can be layered and have different routes to get around
  • Variety of terrain, ascending and descending seem like a big part of the game.
  • Amazing boss battles

The one thing that I noticed is there didn’t seem to be a lot of blocking and parrying. This could just be the style of play here as there was a lot of magic used and ranged attacks or stealth. Check out the video below I have it coming it right at the start of the gameplay (they had a countdown timer)

Elden Ring Gameplay Preview

all images and videos courtesy of BANDAI NAMCO

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