Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered

Final Fantasy pixel remastered series

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Final Fantasy pixel remastered series

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

One of my favorite retro fantasy role-playing games is Final Fantasy on the original NES. I have sunk too many hours into this game to count. The simplicity and well-told story of this game always kept me coming back for more.

Recently Square Enix announced that they are going to release a Final Fantasy pix remastered version of all the classic Final Fantasy games. The remastered versions will release on July 28th on PC/iOS/Android.

The original pixel artist Kazuko Shibuya has been asked to lead the remastering of every pixel in the new games. With this, I hope they keep the look true to the original games but some changes might be welcome.

The new remastered games will also allow you to play the games on mobile devices and in HD. I typically prefer the old-school style but do get a little aggravated when I try to emulate the old resolutions on a big screen HD TV.

The remastering doesn’t stop with pixel art. The soundtrack for the games will be also be remastered and rearranged. I really do look forward to seeing how far they can take these soundtracks.

This will also be the first time Final Fantasy 3 will be available to western audiences in 2D. Final Fantasy 3 only came to the states as a 3D remake and was only available in Japan in 2D. This almost makes a completely new game available to some here in North America.

The price on these remasters are a little steep for me. Over $10 a game is a bit much for remastered games. If the price gets down to $5 or below I might grab some of these. They also have a bundle on STEAM that you can purchase all for one price. If you are a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series that might be the route you want to go.

Are you excited about Final Fantasy pixel remastered series? If so let us know in the comments or tag us on Twitter.

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