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Avowed will be very different from Elder Scrolls

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Avowed will be a very different game then Elder Scrolls

When we saw the Avowed reveal trailer the first person view of a character holding a sword and weilding magic made me think a lot of Elder Scrolls games. If you took off the name some might say this would be a proper Elder Scrolls 6 game trailer.

But according to Microsoft’s head of games Phil Spencer, he assured that Avowed would be a very different game. Here is the quote

I think the games are very different, so I would maybe struggle to say ‘This is our version of this’, knowing what Feargus and the team are going to do. But when I think about our lineup, and I think about that more core fantasy RPG setting, I think Avowed is going to be an awesome entrance.

Fable has never been that, it’s always been a little more lighthearted and a little more British I think I could say, and I think Playground will keep it there. Elder Scrolls VI is further out and when that comes out I think it’s going to be incredible. Avowed will be a core fantasy-based RPG, but there’s going to be some distinct differences from what Elder Scrolls has done traditionally. This one obviously takes place in the Pillars world.

Obsidian is such a fantastic studio. I think Avowed will be fantastic when it comes out and I want to give them the time and the resources to build the most amazing game they’ve ever built.

— Phil Spencer (Microsoft)

This sounds like Avowed will take place in the Pillars of Eternity universe. Which is a very cool universe to have a new game pop up. It should very interesting to see how this game shapes up. I have always loved Obsidian games and I really hope they do this RPG justice.


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