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Role-Playing Games Week Recap 12/13/2021

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Role-Playing Games Week Recap 12/13/2021

Game awards announcements, new Tiny Tina Wonderlands story trailer

New Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Official Story Trailer

New Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Official Story Trailer

A new story trailer has dropped for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This trailer shows off some more bosses, a little more on your fellow NPCs, and a cheese curl on the board. It also shows a few guns in the trailer which makes me happy. As much as I enjoy the magic and skills I always love the idea to keep the guns as a major component of the game.

Some other notes:

  • Brick makes a brief appearance.
  • Mister Torgue is blowing stuff up (surprise surprise)
  • NPCs are named, Valentine the Gallant adventurer and Frette the scary stabby one
  • Looks like you will have Valentine and Frette by your side

Game awards announcements


Nightingale Reveal Trailer

Nightingale looks to be a building and survival game that stretches across several realms interconnected with portals. Multiplayer will be a big draw to this game. Set in a very unique fantasy universe that almost seems Lovecraftian.


TCHIA gameplay trailer

Another game that looks to be inspired by Breath of Wild. Looks like your character can transform into animals and move from land, air, and sea.

ARC Raiders

ARC Raiders Reveal and Trailer

Machines fall from the sky and you have to get a group of rebels to fight them off. Cooperative shooter to fight off hordes of incoming machines.


Forspoken game trailer

Looks like a normal human gets thrown into this wild fantasy world but has amazing powers. The trailer looks like they took Infamous and set it in a fantasy medieval world. The powers that the character wields are both crazy and exciting.

That’s it for this week in role-playing games news. If you have some news or want to let us know about a new upcoming game let us know. And as always subscribe to us on YouTube for more gaming tips and guides.

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