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Role-Playing Games Week Recap 2/22/2022

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Role-Playing Games Week Recap 2/22/2022

Elden Ring is almost here, Black Isle Studios teases a re-release, Craftopia Xbox update delayed.

Elden Ring releases Friday 2/25/2022

If you didn’t already have it on your calendars or have it pre-ordered don’t forget that Elden Ring releases this Friday. If it lives up to the hype this could be one of your first Game of the Year candidates for 2022. Here is the latest trailer to keep you going until Friday.

Elden Ring gameplay trailer

Black Isle Studios teases a re-release of Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance II

Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance was one of the best role-playing games from the original Xbox generation. Black Isle Studios has posted the following tweet:

Simply saying it’s coming sooner than you think. I would venture a guess that they are going to release Dark Alliance II for the current-gen consoles just like they did with the original Dark Alliance.

Stay tuned for more info and we will do a full writeup if this game gets re-released on current-gen consoles.

Craftopia Winter Content update for Xbox delayed again

Over on their discord channel, it was announced that the Winter Content update for Craftopia on Xbox was under review by Microsoft to be released. Today they announced that it was rejected because of performance issues. The good news is that they have fixed the issue and re-submitted the update to Microsoft. Hopefully, the wait will not be much longer if they did get all the issues fixed this time.

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